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Denk nicht so viel darüber nach, was hätte sein können. Wenn es passieren sollte, wäre es passiert.

Ich würd mal sagen, ganz sinngemäß übersetzt bedeutet das: "Mach dir keine Gedanken um das Hätte/Würde/Könnte. Was sein soll, soll sein."

was ist der Unterschied zwischen should have und ought to have?

Wir haben das im Englisch Unterricht besprochen unserere Lehrerin hat das angeschrieben an die Tafel also z.B. could have, ought to have, should have etc. und hat die deutschen übersetzungen auch rangeschrieben.Aber bei should have und ought to heißt beides übersetzt : hätte ... sollen. Wo ist der Unterschied zwischen should have und ought to have ??

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Ist das korrektes Englisch? Und hat noch wer Verbesserungsvorschläge?

Ist das soweit korrrektes Englisch? Und hat wer noch Verbesserungvorschläge für die Formulierungen oder kann man das so stehen lassen? 

And so I have to declare war to all that shit.
No war with guns and tanks...

And if at least one can be saved ... it's worth all of it!
Never surrender, never run, never ignore!

I'll never accept this madness...
Fight it or try dying!

Else I couldn't look into the mirror or see myself without vomiting.
What's with you, can you?

And so I have to declare war to all stupidity, all ignorance.
Our Kingdoms are built on blood and corpses.

Eating away existence, buying it away, consuming it away 'til you burst!
It makes me so sick... sick of all of you, who don't understand.

Watching it, without seeing.
Hearing it, without understanding.
No feeling, no thinking.
What do you have?
Proud of your little lifes, changing nothing, not even trying.

And if you don't see, if you don't act, if you don't want to change this madhouse, this bloodstained world, not ready to take the price, not ready to risk your vain little lifes.
If you don't hear the yelling, if you don't feel the pain, don't see the all the agony, don't know that this all is almost bursting ---

Don't you dare to come in my way.
Don't you dare!
And this kind of war will not be over easily...

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Englisch Email an meinen zukünftigen Lehrer korrektur?

Dear Sir xxx

My name is xxx xxx and I will be an international boarding school student for the following schoolyear. I chose Digital Photography as an arts course and obtained your email address from the (schule) website. I hope you are the right contact person for my question and if not it would be great if you could give me their email address.

I was wondering whether I needed my own camera and if I do so, whether you could recommend any since I have no knowledge about professional photography.

Thank you very much,


xxx xxx

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Satzbau Englisch: "It would give me some reassurance if you could briefly confirm once again/could confirm once again briefly that the information is true."?

In welcher Reihenfolge ist der Satz grammtikalisch korrekt notiert? Ich würde mich freuen, wenn jemand kurz die Wortart zu den betroffenen Wörtern dazuschreiben kann und kurz die richtige Reihenfolge begründet, weil mir der Leitsatz "Subjekt - Prädikat - Objekt (indirektes, dann direktes Objektes) - Präposition(Ort) - Präposition(Zeit)" kaum hilft, da es hier ja auch um Adjektive, Adverbien und so weiter geht.


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Kann mir jemand meinen Englisch Text verbessern?

My plan after the 10th class is if I am accepted on an advanced technical college to change. Then there I can acquire my professional Abitur in the main focus Social educational theory. If I liked to make then still the 13th class on the professional high school I my general university maturity (Abitur). The professional high school is same on the same school like the advanced technical college. The prerau's settlement for it is to be had learnt during at least 3 years the 2nd foreign language. By the general university maturity (Abitur) I have to study the possibility at every university for every field. To be accepted on an advanced technical college one must have at least one high-school diploma. However, if all that should not clap I remain at school and go of making in the upper stage around my Abitur there. Indeed, I still have the 3rd plan if to me the licensing for the upper stage would be absent. Then I would go because on another advanced technical college. This advanced technical college would also be for the main focus Social educational theory with the difference, however, one they would have to pay. Then on this school I would leave exactly the same ones like by my 1st choice. The reason why I rather on a Fachhochscule would go is ichdort in the 11th class more practise than theory has.I would make my 1-year-old training period then in the mornings in the kindergarten and in the afternoon in the hoard. My aim it is to be able to be by the Abitur on a university where I can study then basic school teaching post. Then as a main subject I would take in German. With the other fields I am not sure yet. Although I would find religion also not bad. By different training periods I know the occupation basic school teaching post definitively my dream job is I also later would like to exercise.

Fals jemand den deutschen Teil noch benötigen sollte kann ich der Person den auch nich geben.

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Preparatory it benutzen?

Wir sollen in diesem Satz das Preparatory it benutzen und das subject ersetzen:

"Advertising should be legal if selling is legal" -->?

It if selling is legal advertising should be legal??? Das geht doch garnicht oder?

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