Englischer Brief richtig verfasst?

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... a good start into the week.  - Um damit mal anzufangen.

Und ... rapidly and reliable.  - Frag mich nicht, aber das "reliably" habe ich noch nie gehört.

appendix? Ist das nicht der Blinddarm. Wolltest Du "Anhang" aussagen? "enclosure".

Ansonsten sehr gut!

"Dear Sir and madam" ... nicht "or"

"Fender" so weit ich das weiß ist das ein Eigenname.

Man sagt eigentlich nicht "I would be happy to..."

"I am happy to..." der Konjunktiv ist zwar richtig, hört sich aber so unselbstbewust an.

"I am happy to recieve your..."

"England" wird immer noch groß geschrieben, auch wenn man sonst alles klein schreiben darf.


Kann mir jemand diese Anweisungen vom Steam Support übersetzen?

Hallo Community!

Mein Englisch ist nicht besonders schlecht, aber in diesem Fall bin ich etwas durcheinander. Kann mir bitte jemand diese Nachricht vom Steam Support so übersetzen, dass ich weiß, was ich tun soll, oder mir zumindest einen kurzen Abriss geben?

**I'm sorry to hear about the issue you seem to be experiencing in evolve.

If playing the Steam version of our title, a common resolution for most issues can be done by verifying the integrity of the game's cache. To do so;

• Right click on the game in the Steam library and select Properties

• Navigate to the Local Files tab

• Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache

If these steps proves unsuccessful, we are able to conduct a further investigation but would require a copy of your PC's DXDiag and MSinfo text files.

These are non-invasive logs of your PC specs and contain any specific errors it may have recently encountered - this will help us diagnose and treat whatever we find in our investigation.

This Support Article will show you how to access these files and attach them to your reply.

To further assist us, please include a screenshot/video of any error messages that you might be getting.

To learn how to take a screenshot in Win Vista/7/8/10, please go to this Microsoft how-to page.

For those using Windows XP and earlier, click here.

Log in to your support ticket and then select the "attach file" option under the comments box to attach the files to your case. Alternatively, responding to this email with the files directly attached will work as well.

Once we receive this information, we will be able to research your issue and update your ticket as swiftly as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused you.**

...zur Frage

Werte Community, nach einem Online Verkauf fordert die Bank des Käufers von mir die Sendungsnummer, um die Überweisung auszulösen. Gängige Praxis oder Fake?

Nachdem ich Schuhe im Wert von 400 Euro an einen Käufer in die USA verkauft habe, bekam ich nun eine Mail seiner Bank (Union Bank). Sie fordern die Sendungsnummer, um die Transaktion des Geldbetrages auszulösen. Kommt mir alles ziemlich komisch vor.

Hier die Mail:

Dear Beneficiary,

We are contacting you regarding the payment that was sent to you by MR. ... The sum of €... EUR as sent to you by MR. Aaron West and it has been Approved and the transfer details is stated below.

status: Pending, Awaiting Approval ( Shipping Information Required )

The transfer has been approved and is ready to be transfer into your account, but before the money can be credited into your account, you would have to go ahead with the shipment of the item(s) and send the Shipment Tracking Number/Shipment Receipt for the Shipment Verification. Once the shipment verification is complete, your account would be credited.

You should go ahead and ship out the buyer’s item(s) now and send the copy of Shipment Receipt to our International Transfer Department via bank_union@post.com in other to initiate the fund into your account within the next 24-48 hours time, you will receive the fund as soon as you provide the prove of shipment.

... We are very sorry for any inconvenience or delay this may cause...

Important Notice:

Moreover, our customer cannot abort the transfer after you might have made the shipment. If you have a query about this transaction,please Email Us bank_union@post.com

Das kann doch nicht echt sein, oder?

Danke für Eure Hilfe im Voraus!


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Email an Geschäftsführer zweiter Teil?

At the end, we all agreed that stevia would enable our company to produce healthier cereals and became more cost effective over time. Moreover, we would be able to create a new image of Daybreak to win the trust of our consumers back.

We also coincided that we should label our cereals with the suitable intake of nutrition for children.

At the end, we talked about possibilities to attract consumers attention for our new cereals and which points should be included in a letter of apology to the public.

 I am pleased to inform you about our results of the meeting:

·        Firstly, we will be able to produce more healthy cereals through stevia. In the long run, productions costs will decrease.

·        Secondly, we should give the recommended intake of nutrition for children on our cereals packages.

·        Thirdly, we have thought out a new slogan for Daybreak’s cereals to enhance our image:

“Ready to go healthy”

·        Moreover, we should start a promotional campaign in where children and parents can try samples of our new cereals at supermarkets.

·        Finally, a public apology will be issued shortly, in which we acknowledge our mistakes from the past and promise to improve our corporate responsibility.


Attached please find a timeline of the meeting.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

 I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 Best regards,

 Mr. X

Head of Research and Development

 Attachment: Timeline of the meeting

Für Verbesserungsvorschläge bin ich offen.


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we are oder we were?

Hey. We are born to be real and not to be perfect oder we were?


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Ferienwohnung Anfrage (Englisch) Verbesserung/Tipps?

Ich und vier Freunde planen unsere Ferien in Amsterdam zu verbringen. Dabei würde ich euch bitten mir zu helfen meine Anfrage zu verbessern. Hier nun die "Muster"-Anfrage:

Dear Ms. (...)

We are writing to you regarding your offer on (webseite des Angebots).

We would like to request your Apartment from 21.7 to 27.7.15 . We are 5 students from Berlin, Germany, at the age of 18 and want to go on holiday in Amsterdam.

Would you please send me an indication of your rates per night.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely, (Mein Name).

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letter of complaint HILFE

Knt ihr mir bitte helfen und mir sagen ob es zu viele Absze sind und ausbessern und sowas halt danke :DD

Bei den Abszen bin ich mir nicht sicher aber meine Lehrerin hat mir mal eins ausgebessert und hat die absze so gelassen und eins dazu keine Ahnung, ich hab so ein Gefl dass es zu viele sind


Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to complain about my holiday i spent in Irland in your hotel.

Right on arrival, at the Abbeyglen Castle there was no porter. My family and I had to carry our suitcases by ourselves, but we thought the situation was going to get better.

The next day, however was not any better. As we could not visit the sauna and the spa pool than advertised , we got dissapointed because we thought that was going to be the highlight in our stay at the hotel, but everything was under construction.

As expected, we entcounterd another problem. In actual fact we had a wonderful day in the car park but we noticed the camera from our car got stolen and that was a real problem for us.

However, that was not all. We thought it could not get any worse but it did: The nights there were horrible, we could not sleep because the neighbouring disco was too noisy.

It would be very kind if you could, more often take a look at that what you advertise and do in real life because you could anger many costumers this way.

If you take my concers seriously, you change your advertismend and make sure that you dont make promises that you can not keep.

I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerily

Scherin Kat

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