Englische mündliche Prüfung (Ein paar Themen wurden uns vorgelegt - siehe unten)

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet


hier meine Korrekturen:

First of all I want to introduce myself:

My name is Lena X I am seventeen years old and was born in X. I live in X, and have done so for 12 years. Previously, I lived in X for about 5 years. My mom’s name is X and my father is called X. Both of them are X years old. My sister’s name is MX. She is X years old and is currently living in Australia, Melbourne(kein Komma) because she wants to “Work and Travel” there. She has to do some fruit picking for 3 months so that she can stay there for another year. My uncle lives in Florida and my grandaunt in California. I am going to visit them in the summer holidays. I think I would rather live in the USA or another foreign country than (---) in Germany because many of my family members live abroad.

Free Time Activities:

In my leisure time(Komma) I like to meet with my friends. We often go to the cinema, out for dinner or an ice-cream, and sometimes shopping in Hamburg. Moreover/ In additiona, I go to the gym with some of my friends three times a week; mostly from 6pm to 8pm. I train my arms and legs and I just want to stay healthy. (It costs about 30 euros including as many drinks as you want to drink.)

Holidays: Personally, I want to travel as much as possible in my holidays. I want to gather many experiences and learn about different cultures or countries because in my opinion it is extremly interesting to see, how other people live and what they do or what their habits are. It is important for me that the hotel room is clean and the food tastes good. ** Fashion:** I prefer to wear ordinary clothes. I don’t have a special style but mostly I wear skinny??? jeans and normal shirts or pullovers. Moreover(Komma) I like H&M and Adidas. These are some of my favourite brands although I don’t mind wearing(= es macht mir nichts aus???) clothes from special brands.

Detached House:

Nosy neighbors (= AE; BE = neighbours), no shops, long way to school, need a car garden/nature, quiet, clean air, nice area

Block Of Flats:

loud, lots of traffic, pollution, many neighbours,

good shopping facilities, cinemas, no gardening, public transport


party, date anyone, enough time for yourself, will perhaps be able to afford a house of my own

You could be lonely,


You may have children, you are not lonely, to be able to afford a house

You might not have enough time for yourself, you cannot work because of your children,

School Uniforms - Advantages:

Everyone looks the same (poor pupils don’t have to worry about it), you don’t have to think about what you want to wear,


You cannot show that you’re individual, you cannot wear clothes (---) you want to wear

Im geschriebenen Text solltest du keine Kurzformen (don't usw.) verwenden.

Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen, denn der Text was schon ziemlich lang.

Viel Glück und Erfolg für die Prüfung!

:-) AstridDerPu

Schön, dass dir meine Antwort gefallen hat. Hoffentlich hilft's.

Danke für das Sternchen!

:-) AstridDerPu


Ja, vielen Dank! Hat mir wirklich sehr geholfen! Aber: Wie würdest du "Es ist mir jedoch egal, ob ich Markenkleidung trage" übersetzen? Genau bei diesem Satz hatte ich Probleme und du hast wahrscheinlich auch nicht gewusst, was ich im Englischen damit meine! :)


I do not care to wear brand-name clothes. / Brand-name clothes are all the same to me. / I am not really interested in wearing brand-name clothes.

:-) AstridDerPu


Hallo Lenelenel, für mich sieht das schon sehr gut aus... Denke, wenn du dich in der Prüfung auch so gut ausdrücken kannst, wird das schon werden! Alles Liebe und viel Erfolg, DisneyMaedel

Vielen, vielen Dank!


Die Vor- und Nachteile von Schuluniformen solltest du noch erweitern. Ein deutlicher Nachteil von Schuluniformen ist, dass sie sehr teuer sind. Dass Kinder aus benachteiligten Familien dann über ihre Kleidung nicht mehr auffallen, stimmt so nicht, denn die können sich die Schuluniform auch gar nicht leisten. Für dasselbe Geld könnten sie sich die beste Markenkleidung kaufen. Du könntest deine Schwester befragen, denn in Australien gibt es Schuluniformen und dann darüber berichten, was die Schuluniformen in Australien bewirken.

Übrigens spricht gar nichts dagegen, für mündliche Prüfungen einiges auch auswendig zu lernen- oder so gut wie auswendig. Versuche es frei auszusprechen, immer wieder. Lege dir auch Satzanfänge zurecht, für freie Antworten- sie werden sicher zurückfragen.

Vielen Dank für die Tips! Und ich werde mal meine Schwester fragen, darauf bin ich noch gar nicht gekommen!


Englisch mündliche Prüfung, text so okay?

Hallo leute, habe am Montag eine mündliche Englische Prüfung und habe auch schon ein Text (den ich in 2 Tagen auswendiglernen muss :() meine Frage ist nun, wie findet ihr den Text? Ist er grammatikalisch korrekt und hört sich alles gut an? Rechtschreibfehler mal egal.. es kommt auf die Gramma und der Wortwahl an. Könntet ihr es gegebenenfalls Berichtigen? Nun zum Text:

Hello my name is Max and today i'm going to tell you something about my dreamjob as a graphic Artist at motion design.\ At first i would like to talk about the job itself. \ Following about the qualifications and payment and at last why it is my dreamjob.\

As a motion designer you create animated video like movies,trailers or advertisment.\ Making and improving concepts is dailywork. Also disscusing it with the customer and your team.\ Often you are sitting in front of the computer and draw and animate the task. The working hours are different, often from 8 AM to 6PM. Important is just that you finish your task in the right time.\

After telling you something about the job, i would like to talk about the qualifications and payment. You should be creative and need some drawing skills, also know how to use a Computer, because today even cartoons are made from them.\ Furthermore It is important that you can withstand cristism because often you are working in a team and every statisfactory animation need time and effort.\

Now the qualification and payment To be a motion Designer you need an A-Level and must study. \ After four years you can apply to a company for example Disney or Dreamworks.\ Since you are working in a company, the salary is different but average you get two thousand fivehundred up to three thousand fivehundred euro.\ Last but not least i'm going to tell you why it is my dreamjob.\ Since i get alot of good feedback about my creativity and PC know-how i found the job really interesting. Of course at first i did not like to draw but recently i tryed it and that is awesome too. All in one i'm curios about the job and cant wait for it.\ Here we come to my end of the presentation, i hope you enjoyed to listen and have you any questions?

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MSA Englisch mündlich Prüfung?

Ich habe morgen meine mündliche Prüfung im Fach Englisch. Ich habe schon einen kleinen Text vorbereitet doch es ist zu wenig. Ich muss etwas über mich erzählen 'about me' doh wie gesagt ist es zu wenig und ich habe eventuell auch Satzaufbau Fehler. Wäre schön wenn ihr mir helfen könntet:)

I want to tell you something about myself. My name is (Vorname/Nachname). I'm 16 years old and my birthday is on 06. June. I was born in Germany, Berlin. I have two brothers older than me. One of my Brothers called (Name) and is 20 years old and the other is (Name) and is 18 years old. I have many friends but my best friend is (Name) and is 17 years old. In my free time i going outside with friends or play piano. I go to school. My favorite subjects at school is English, sports, music and art. I come from Turkey from black sea. I would want to draw like even go there because a large part of my family lives there. My favorite color is bordo.

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