Englische Definition zu dem Verb to scan ?

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Hi Cocooa711,

'Tante Google' weiß Rat ;-) Hier eine Auswahl:


Also z. B. laut Oxford Dictionaries:

Definition of


in English:






1Look at all parts of (something) carefully in order to detect some feature:

‘he raised his binoculars to scan the coast’
    1.1 Look quickly but not very thoroughly through (a document or other text) in order to identify relevant information: ‘we scan the papers for news from the trouble spots’[no object] ‘I scanned through the reference materials’

2Cause (a surface, object, or part of the body) to be traversed by a detector or an electromagnetic beam:

‘their brains are scanned so that researchers can monitor the progress of the disease’
    2.1[with object and adverbial] Cause (a beam) to traverse across a surface or object: ‘we scanned the beam over a sector of 120°’2.2 Convert (a document or picture) into digital form for storage or processing on a computer: ‘text and pictures can be scanned into the computer’
    2.3 Resolve (a picture) into its elements of light and shade in a prearranged pattern for the purposes of television transmission.

the metre of (a line of verse) by reading with the emphasis on its
rhythm or by examining the pattern of feet or syllables.

    3.1[no object] (of verse) conform to metrical principles: ‘well, it doesn't rhyme and certainly doesn't scan’


1An act of scanning someone or something:

‘a quick scan of the sports page’

2A medical examination using a scanner:

‘a brain scan’
    2.1 An image obtained by scanning or with a scanner: ‘you can't predict anything until he has seen the scan’

You see, it's quite easy :)


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