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Before I start with my first article I'd like to tell you something about the elections and the primaries generally. Primaries belong to political tradition in the United States. While in Germany parties dominate, it´s about individuals in America like Barack Obama. At the primaries candidate several candidates, who may also be in the same party like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The primaries are there to offer the voters the best possible opportunity to test the suitability of candidates for high office and to support democracy. The primaries began on the first day of February and reach up to 14th of June to elect on the 8th november the 45th president. Back to my article: I chose an article from the 'New York Times' titled “Connecticut Primary result” which was published on second May. This article describes the results of the primaries in Connecticut from 26th of april. Of the results following winners go out: At the republicans wins Trump with 57,9 percent and at the democrats wins Hillary Clinton with 51,8 percent. And on this picture you can see Connecticut with the capitel Hartford. On the left map you can see the result of the republicans, so the blue marked shows where the second winner, Kasich, won and the red marked shows the country’s that chose Trump. On the right picture it is the same, so the blue marked stands for Clinton and the green Market stands for Sanders. Yeah so in our questionnaire we let the republicans compete against the Democrats as if the president election already started. I have examined the results of our questionaire of class 11 b. These shows that the democrats have won with 69 percent while the republicans scored just 32 percent. It was conspicuous that in the category Same-sex marriage, the Democrats won significant because the Republicans received only two votes. There was no category where the republicans have won. So the result is very clearly.
Now I want to present you something completely different. I chose an article from 'cnn news' titled „Missing mom, daughter rescued from New Zealand forest“. This article was published on second day of May.
Rachel Lloyd and her mother Carolyn Lloyd live in North Carolina and travelled to New Zealand to hike through the nature. They started their hiking adventure on the Kapakapanui Track of Tararua Forrest Park on Tuesday. While their adventure they became disoriented on the course, because they followed the blue markers, which were in place for opossum tracking, instead of following the orange markers for the right way. During the walk off the trail, Rachel became injured on her head, because she slipped! 

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