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The current topic in our schoolbook is called progress and responsibility. But what does that mean in detail?

Without responsibility, progress won't work very well. All over the world there will be progress all the time. Somewhere more and somewhere less. Many developing countries like Africa are in conflict with themselves, drawn by high figures of unemployment, wars with religious background and a lack of medical care. It is required for undeveloped nations to take responsibility for themself because most of the time they cannot expect any support from abroad. But that is a point which western societies like us have to change, to show more responsibility towards other countries by foreign aid. We have to stop exploitation of poor nations and we have to show them the way to a better future. If nothing changes in the next 20 years, all these problems will never stop, because it will become more difficult to keep up with the progress.

After all you can say that the world has to take action that can lead to changes and improvements. We have to try to solve every problem step by step. One idea is to secure the power supply of poor countries by(with?) renewable energy made by solar systems or large wind parks.

Ich würde es so schreiben, bin aber nicht 100% sicher, dass es so fehlerfrei ist :)

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