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The subject work ''fuels in the area of shipping (Großschreibung)'' by Igor Bozic is appeared on (---) 30th October 2013 and is about (---) fuel choice with respect to economic and ecological aspects.

Openingly we can say that there are four important drive substances in (---) navigation: Light and heavy oils, liquid natural gas and the hydrogen fuel cell. It is very important which fuel you choose because by the change of (---) fuel, the economic immediately change prices and goods.

Light and heavy oils are fuels which are comming from the refinery. During the journey the substances cooperate

in which the heavy oil the main substance is - (Satzstellung). This fuel (heavy oil) is on the one hand cheap (than the other fuels) but on the other hand it sets many negative pollutants in our environment. - (Satzstellun)

Liquid natural gas is also from the refinery and counts as alternative fuel. The fuel has only positive aspects in comparison with (---) oils. Firstly Komma

he is cheaper without modify the tanks and secondly he

sets less pollutants in our environment.

The hydrogen fuel cell is among the alternative fuels in shipping. The only emission produced by this technique is steam, which is not harmful to the environment. However, this technology must be improved before this can be also (Position) used as fuel.

In (---) navigation Komma the ship owner is looking more on the economy things than on the environment. Because of this reason

Komma (---) ship owners always decide for the more favorable (= AE; BE = favourable) variant. therefore is heavy oil the number one fuel in shipping (Satzstellung).

In the future, the choice of fuel will change on account of strict regulations concerning emissions from shipping.

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