Englisch Text Hilfe?

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Das wäre meine Verbesserung:

At first, the Queen was at the Buckingham palace in London and saw her dogs running around a corner in the garden. They started to bark loud, frightened and nervous but curious at the same time at a library bus. The Queen, who tried to calm her dogs down, looked at the library bus and felt very guilty and bad because of her dog’s behavior. She also felt obliged to apoligize, whereupon she entered the bus and got nothing but surprised looks. The behaviour of the people changed rapidly and they got nervous as if a monster was standing in front of them. The librarian however was very kind to the Queen and asked her what she would like to read. This question was very embarrassing for the Queen because she did not read books in her free time. But the Queen was generous and borrowed a book anyways which she found very boring and difficult to unterstand. In spite of everything, she read it completely. She brought the book back to the library bus and felt abloged to borrow a book again.

Danke schön !! 😊


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