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• Real name Mohandas Karamchand
• 4 children
• Belong to the Bunia caste (second highest caste in Hinduism)
• Shy boy, mothers favourite child
• All his life he held to two fundamental principles
 Belief in non-violence and the concept of truth His Life
• 2. October 1869 in Porbandar
• 1882 he studied law in London for three years 
During the time in London, he tried to be an English gentleman, but after one year he didn´t want to be an English gentleman anymore
• 1891 Gandhi passed his exam and went back to India 
But now, he wasn´t successful as a lawyer
•1893 he got an offer for work in South Africa 
•There he experienced discrimination (they were only allowed to travel in the third class, they aren´t allowed to walk on public footpath
• 1896 Gandhi went back to India to fetch his wife and children
• 1899 in the Boer War he helped wounded British soldiers
• 1904 he established the newspaper “Indian opinion” and the Phoenix settlement 
•There they tried to be independent  produced food themselves etc.
• 1919 the Parliament set up the Rowlet Acts (allows the police to imprison victims of persecution without any trial 
Gandhi told the Indians to fight against these Acts, but without any weapons, without violence  Therefore, they demonstrated against the Rowlat Acts 
400 Indians were killed 
In further consequences Gandhi called for a general strike, this was at the 6th April 1919 (Indians shouldn´t go to work or to school, but they should pray and fast the whole day 
Again, a lot of Indians were killed, but with the strike he achieved that the Rowlet Acts were never actually used  That was the first big act of civil disobedience
• 1920 Gandhi was called to the leader of the INC (Indian National Congress)  Fight for Hindu-Muslim unity and to get independent from England  Another a demonstration, but with the consequences that few people died  Gandhi was sentenced to six years imprisonment  Because of his failing health, he was released two years earlier
• 1931 Gandhi called against the military build-up and against the involvement of India in the second world war
• 1942 Gandhi made propaganda against the war  Therefore, he was interned  Two years later he was released, because of his health
• 15. August 1947 Independence Day in India 
India was divided in Hindu India and MuslimPakistan 
Gandhi is against the segmentation, he fasted during the time of riots between the two religions
• 20. January 1948 Gandhi was killed by a fanatic Hindu in New Delhi

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