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In 1497 John Cabot was the first European to enter Canadian ground. In 1534 Jacques Cartier took possession of the eastern St. Lawrence River area for his country France.... Now Canada HAS (ohne "got") a POPULATION of only.... second largest country in the world .... The BEST KNOWN sights are... Niagara Falls .... state OF New York. (übrigens: Die Rocky Mountains mit der Gegend um Banff sind mindestens genauso wichtig!) ... of the soldiers KILLED IN ACTION in World War I .... the maple leaf REPRESENTS /SYMBOLIZES..... languages (which are) spoken (ohne Komma) .... and French. THIS IS because... THEIR POPULATION MAKES UP 1.5% only. (1.5 %, also one POINT FIVE, nicht 1,5 %)... Ottawa: In the capital of Canada you find...Ottawa HAS (ohne got) .... it is the only CITY which .... WOOD BUFFALO NP, WITH 44,800 sq km, IS the LARGEST.... (nicht: "the Wood ... Park) ... .. national holidays (bank holiday ist ein britischer Begriff, der hier nur bedingt passt) ... Victoria Day (nicht: "the Victoria Day) ... Canada Day* (ebenfalls ohne "the"* ).

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Your English is good, so I don't suggest unnecessary changes of your text; however, I do suggest a few additions, esp. in the holidays section. BSWSS hat schon sehr gut korrigiert

  • In 1541 the first Europeans // Inuit and other Eskimos (Inuit sind ein Teil der Eskomo-Völker) // it is cut into > divided into oder it consists of // Queen Elizabeth appears on all Canadian coins because she is Canada's head of state, but the 20 $ bill is the only banknote with her portrait..// The most >best known sights ...// by most /of the -besser weg!/ tourists // in the federal state New York in America > in New York State in the USA // the Atlantic and the Pacific (Ocean** s** - unnötig, aber wenn, dann Plural!) - "surround" geht nicht - in the East and the West // the maple leaf is typical to visualize> symbolizes the great forests // of the murdered soldiers > the soldiers that died ...;( past participle nicht attributiv vor Nomen!) // the two languages [which are] spoken : kein Komma , da defining rel. clause, Partizipialgruppe ist besser, dann that is weg oder which is vor because... // the Eskimos and the Inuit - Inuit sind ein Teil der Eskimos, s. Wikipedia "Inuit" , also: the Inuit and other Eskimos amount TO only 1 POINT 5 %//

  • In Ottawa, Canada's capital city there are... // has /got weg!/ 860.000 inh. and is Canada's fourth... after ??? nennen!!//

  • With 44.800 km² Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest ...(Wortstellung, kein Artikel, auch später!)

  • About Canada's public holidays: Whereas public holidays are commonly known as "bank holidays" in Britain where banks have long played an enormous part in everyday life, in Canda they are known as "statutory holidays" , or "stat holidays" or just "stats". // There are only five nationwide statutory holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day, which are the same as in Germany, then there is Labour Day, which, however, is not May 1, but in September, and Canada Day or Memorial Day on 1 July, which celebrates Canada's rise in 1867 from colony to Dominion status .

Then there are also statutory holidays for all federal employees, which in several but not all provinces are also public holidays, such as Easter Monday and Boxing Day (the 2nd day of Christmas), Thanksgiving in October, Remembrance Day on Nov.11, the armistice day of World War I, which commemorates Canada's war dead (zu deinem "murdered soldiers": past aprticiple nicht attributiv vor einem Nomen!) and Victoria Day, ( - kein Artikel bei Eigennamen ) which celebrates the birthday of the reigning British monarch, because the sovereign is also the monarch of Canada, Australia and all other Dominions in the Commonwealth of Nations that have not become republics. This day, however, is not the reigning monarch's actual birthday, but is always the Monday closest to 24 May, which was the birthday of Queen Victoria, who reigned when Canada became a confederation and a Dominion in 1867. Since some of these holidays are not general holidays in all parts of Canada, and since several of the provinces have their own additional holidays, each of Canada's provinces has its own list of stats holidays, apart from the 5 nationwide "stats".

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Englisch Referat über New York City

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ich mach für mein quali ein Referat über New York könnt ihr euch mal den Text anschauen und ihn verbessern oder noch tipps geben.


Today I will tell you about New York City. New York City is the largest city in USA. It is on the East Atlantic coast and over 8.2 million people live there in New York City. New York City comprises five districts: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. New York is also called the Big Apple. It was founded in 1624. The mayor is Michael Bloomberg. New York´s financial center is the Wall Street, in the street are banks and the world's largest stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange. The sights of New York, the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. The two sights I want to introduce you now.

The Statue of Liberty is not only a landmark oft the New York City, it is much more. It is kind of a symbol for America. The statue reaches from head to to 93 meters. The statue was designed by a famous French sculptuor who was called Bartoldi.

The Empire State Building was one of the fist skyscraper in New York. The Buildng is 381 meters high. It built in the year 1931. Today, 4.3 million people visit the empire state building.

That was my presentation on New York City. Do you have any questions?

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florida referat

ich habe jetzt mein Referat fertig... Aber ich bin mir sehr unsicher! Stimmt das so? Ich meine alles! Rechtschreibung, Inhalt und ist es auch interessant? Soll ich noch was einbauen oder rausnehemn, oder umformulieren?

Sports and Recreation

Florida’s climate attracts millions of tourists every year. The famous sports are boating, jogging, water skiing, skin diving, and hunting. In Orlando there are Disney World and Epcot Centre. Sebring and Dayton Beach are famous for car races. Land

Florida is a large peninsula (Halbinsel) which lays between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is a country in the southbound of the USA. The nearby states are Georgia and Alabama. Florida is the 22nd largest state. Flordia’s coastline is 2175km long. In Florida there live 14 million peoples. The capital is Tallahassee. The largest towns in Florida are Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa.

Rivers and lakes Florida has only four big rivers, there are all in the northern part. The largest river is the Apalachicola. The second biggest river is the Suwannee. The two other large rivers are Saint Johns and the Escambia. There are many hundred lakes in the south there’s for example Okeechobee. The south of Florida is covered by swamps and marshes.

Plants The types of plants that grow in Florida often vary greatly. I think one of the most beautiful flowering trees is the royal Poinciana. Palms grow in the southern part of the state. Also orange trees.

Animals In Florida there are many animals. I'll tell you big and small animals but just a few. Big animals are the black bear, wild cat, gray fox, crocodile key deer
and Florida panther . Small animals are rabbit, opossum, and squirrel. Florida has 700 species of fish in the rivers, lakes, and coastal water. Very often are mullet, trout, bass, red snapper, pompano, catfish, Shrimp, lobster, crabs, and clams.

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