Englisch Referat : Oliver Twist?

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da wirst du dir schon die Mühe machen müssen, den Text hier reinzuhacken. So ist die Korrektur zu mühsam.

Von mir hier nur 2 Dinge:

1.Seit wann heißt Roman auf Englisch roman?

2.Summaries werden in der Regel im Present geschrieben.


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Ups meine so: http://textuploader.com/d1hw7

The mother of Oliver died after his birth. So Oliver grows up in an orphanage. One day he asks for more to eat and the master of the orphanage sells him to Mr Sowerberry but as Oliver notices it he runs away to London.

In London, he is caught by Fagin, Sikes and his criminal friends. Fagin is an old man who teaches homeless boys to steal. Some days later Oliver leaves the house with some other children and sees them stealing Mr Brownlow’s handkerchief. All of them are running away, but the policeman sees only Oliver and arrests him. Because there aren't enough proofs that Oliver has stolen it he gets free and Mr Brownlow takes him into his house and trusts him.

Fagin thinks that Oliver could betray him so he catches him again. Fagin commands Oliver to break into a house with Bill Sikes. Later the owner of the house sees Oliver and shots at him. Bill Sikes runs away and Oliver falls on the ground. On the next morning, Oliver was still lying on the ground, full of blood. Mr Giles, who is the owner of the house, feels guilty and allows him to stay in his house. Oliver, who is happy about that, still is afraid of being caught again by Sikes.

Only a few days later, Fagin and Bill Sikes wants to catch Oliver again but a servant of Fagin warns a friend of Oliver. Unpractical Sikes notices the servant and as a consequence, he brutal kills her.

Bill wants to escape and as he loses his balance on a roof he dies. After his death, the police arrested Fagin and changes him. Now Oliver lives again with Mr Brownlow.


Nach der ersten Zeile habe ich aufgehört zu lesen. Überleg einmal, was "Roman" auf Englisch heißt.
Außerdem ist das sowieso nicht dein Text und bei einem Plagiat helfe ich nicht.

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