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Immigration of australia

1. Folie Structure

first (RS) i (RS) want to tell Hier fehlt ein Wort. how the aborigines (RS) came to Australia. after  (RS) that i (RS) tell you why (---) great (RS) Britain took convicts to Australia. At third (Ausdruck) (RS) tell you something about the gold rush era. My forth theme is about (---) immigration after ww2 (RS).

last (RS) but not least (RS) tell you something about (---) refugees in Australia.

2. Folie Aborines (RS) The first aborines (RS) came from a old continent called sunda (RS) with (Präposition) boats over the small sea (RS) 70000 - 30000  (Birnen?) ago (bild ist eingeblendet mit den kontineneten (RS) )

3. Folie Convicts In (RS) great Britain all prisons where  (RS) full so they  (Wer?) took the convicts with (Präposition) ships to Australia. in (RS) 1787 (Komma) 11 ships with 1350 people arrived at Sidney cove  (RS; Punkt) 

(neuer Satz)  after (RS; Hier fehlt ein Artikel) few years (Komma) the convicts where  (RS; was waren sie?) but they can't (Zeit) go back

(neuer Satz) because (RS) of this they remained in Sydney and build  (Zeit) there (Grammar) own houses and founded a the (entweder oder) Australian colony.

from (RS) 1787 to 1868 (Komma) 165000 arrived in Australia

4. Folie Gold rush era

The discovery of gold, beginning in 1851. from (RS) 1851 - 1861 the population had grown from 437,655 to 1.1 million people. the (RS) population was high enough to get independent in (---) 1901.

5. Folie Immigration after ww2 (RS)

After ww2  (RS) (Komma) the Australian people was (= Australian people als Gruppe) scared that a enemies (Grammar) like Germany or Japan was  (Grammar) much stronger than  them they self (Grammar; RS)

(Neuer Satz) because of this (Komma) they decided to get more inhabitants. Australia said (Wort) the hole (RS) (Hier fehlt eine Präposition.) Europe that they can (Zeit) move to australia (RS) to live there.

from (RS) 1960 (Komma) the population has grown (Zeit) from 6 million to 24 million in 2015 (Punkt)

6 Folie Refugees today

because (RS) of the wars in Syria and Africa are millions of (---) people run  (Zeit) in saves (Wort; Grammar) countries - (Satzstellung)

(neuer Satz) but countries like Australia don't want to pay for the refugees. if (RS) a boat full of refugees arrived (Zeit) at (Präposition) the Australian coast (Komma) the coastguard and the military just send the refugees back.

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