englisch presentation: job while going to school

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von der grammatik her habe ich keine ahnung aber vom inhalt ist es perfekt :)

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Kommentar von aquapark
11.07.2011, 17:58

echt ???? dankeeee :DD


Today, I will present you the positive and negative aspects of having a job while going to school. I will begin with the positive things: A job often is a very good thing for teenagers. They take a whiff of the professional world and get information about working life, for example how hard it is to work and the (required) physical effort. Furthermore the become more independent and they learn to control their lives more, they learn for example to be good with money so that they only buy things they really need and they learn how hard-earned money is. Another positive aspect is that the teenagers have more pocket money for themselves, so they can fulfill their own wishes and they aren’t controlled by their parents. You can also save money, for example for your future or for a driver’s license. But a job also has negative aspects. With a job you have less free time. Therefore it can happen that you’re negligent of school, your friends and other activities. Furthermore you are physically stressed due to the hard work so that you are tired in school because you need more sleep. BOTTOM LINE: A job is good as long as it doesn’t affect school.

Und es scheint mir, du weißt nicht wirklich, was "on the one hand" und "on the other hand" heißt, oder? "on the one hand" = einerseits; "on the other hand" = andererseits

Inhaltlich ist der Text gut, sprachlich noch nicht so, aber ich denke mal, du hast auch noch nicht so lange Englisch, oder?

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