Englisch-Präsentation: Satzbau und Verwendung von Simple Past

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I would like to tell you something about my last presentation in Chemistry.
I talked about the nutrient "fat" in my presentation. In Chemistry we could choose between three topics. Lili and I chose "fats" because we found them quite interesting. Our goal was to show the students how important fat really is.
Our textbook and the internet were our main sources. I did the presentation together with my classmate Lili. We distributed the tasks in a way so that each of us had an equal share. Lili talked about the advantages, for example how important fat is, and I talked about the disadvantages and explained that fats can also be harmful.
We had two weeks for preparing the presentation, but we met quite often and all in all, it took us about two days to finish it.
The mark we got was "a 2". I am relatively happy with the result because I am not particularly good at Chemistry normally. I would have preferred "a 1", of course. [Hattest du das gemeint? Dein Satz war unverständlich.]
By the way, we didn't use a lot of pictures in the course of  the presentation. I would repeat the presentation the same way at any time, only with an appealing poster next time. 
As I almost always do presentations together with Lili, it's always pretty easy to work out the presentation because we are familiar with the way we work and - it normally always works.


Du hast schon einige Fehler gemacht:

- Vor allem hast du an einigen Stellen das Present Perfect statt dem Simple Past verwendet. Auch die Formen waren nicht immer richtig. (z.B. von "find" und von "meet" waren die Formen falsch.)

- Es heißt auch nicht "We met us ..." sondern nur "We met ..." ("sich treffen" ist also im Englischen nicht reflexiv. Das machen viele deutsche Schüler falsch.)

- Auch die Satzstellung war nicht immer richtig.

- Benutze "as" als Konjunktion für das deutsche "da", wenn der Nebensatz dem Hauptsatz vorausgeht.

- Auch den Wortschatz habe ich an einigen Stellen geändert, wie du sicher bemerkt hast.

Jetzt viel Erfolg mit deinem kleinen Englisch-Vortrag!


Für deinen nächsten englischen Text solltest du u.a. ein gutes Wörterbuch zu Hilfe nehmen. Das von PONS ist so eines:


Dialog Englisch

Hallo, in englisch sollen wir einen Dialog machen, da sollen wir eine Party planen..

Könntet ihr euch das mal durchlesen und mir die Grammatik/Rechtschreib-Fehler nennen?


Fiona: Hey Lara! How are you?

Lara: Hello. I'm fine, thank you. Franzi has got birthday at the 12th December.

Fiona: How about a surprise party?

Lara: That's a good idea!

Fiona: I suggest, we make the party at your home.

Lara: No, my parents say I am not allowed to do a party at home. I thin we ought to do the party at your home.

Fiona: That's okay. And when we make the party?

Lara: At Franzis birthday. Have you got time at the 12th December at 5 o´ clock in the evening? Fiona: Yes, I have. What want we do with her?

Lara: I've got an idea. We could go to the cinema or we can go bowling?

Fiona: I decide on the cinema. What movie want we see?

Lara: We can see „Fack ju Göhte“ and after the movie we can go to your home.

Fiona: We can eat pizza.

Lara: I am able to bring the pizza. What can we drink? How about coke?

Fiona: Yes, coke is tasty. I'm able to buy the coke.

Lara: That's good. We have to hear music!

Fiona: We could hear charts, but I'm not allowed to hear it to loud.

Lara: Shall I send the invation to Emely and Charlott?

Fiona: Yes. When ends the party?

Lara: I have to be home at 10 o´ clock in the evening.

Fiona: Okay, but I have to clean the room. Can you help me, please?

Lara: Yes, of course. Sorry, I must leave now. I have other arrangements.

Fiona: Okay, I will call you.

Lara: Bye!

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Englisch Essay Globilization

Ich habe ein Essay über Globilization verfasst und würde gerne wissen ob das ganze von der Grammatik passt.

Globalization – The world is growing closer

“Before you’ve finished breakfast this morning, you’ll have relied on half the world.”

With reference to the quotation of Martin Luther King I like to write an essay about globalization. King wanted to say, that we are dependent to people who make our clothes or cater for our coffee as example. We have to rely of people from all over the world to start the daily routine. This can be summarized as globalization. However is it boon or bane to be concerned to international trade?

Globalization causes a big variety of products on which consumers can choose. So Germans can buy cars from France, Italy or other countries and vice versa. Through the exchange of technology and science, for example studies in a foreign country, we have the possibility to develop communication technology faster. That effects in getting information and news easier and faster. Another progress of globalization is growing infrastructure, which make it possible to travel the world and to trade import and export goods. The growth of trade and economic results in low-cost products and furthermore cheap goods.
On the contrary firms go to abroad to produce cheaper. Huge companies don’t fabricate their goods in hole at the home country. They shift some production stages in low-cost regions. In fact of the global competition might have a negative effect on the economy of the home country, because the outsourcing directs to fewer jobs and low-paid jobs. Through the growing infrastructure not only traveling and trading increase, also the environmental pollution and global warming increase, too. The most of low-cost country have bad working conditions, child labor and a worst health care. Not alone low-cost regions suffer under these conditions, the rich or richer one, too. Often the people worry about the quality of imported products, e.g. food. And last but not least, the waste of food and other natural resources like oil, water and so on.

To sum up, globalization has good and bad consequences. Globalization is a long and slow progress which has the opportunity to guide the world in a brilliant and shining future or destroy the world and the humans. We all care responsibility which way our world and therefore the globalization of the world takes. If everyone acts cautiously with its environment and respects the work of its fellow human beings we have not to be afraid about globalization and the future of the world.

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Hallo zusammen,habe einen Vortrag in englischer Sprache über die Thematik Food Waste zu halten. Ist der Text richtig, was muss ich verbessern?

What Angi and Vicky explained, raises the following question: What would be the consequences of Food Waste? On the picture we have a fridge, which is nearly empty. In this situation, of course, we are going to buy some food. But not all people can do this. Because the rising demand of food waste has also an effect on the world market prices for food stuff: The result is, a broad level of the population has to hunger. Nowadays 1 billion People suffer from hunger. That shows us: The unnecessary production of food burdened/charged not only our moneybag but also the environment and finally the society. In terms of the environment, this means for one thing: Unnecessary waste of resources: water, power, fertilizer and land for the cultivation of products are consumed unneeded. And on the other hand, it causes 31 % from the environmental pollution. Because 31 % from the environmental pollution results from the nutrition.
The disposal of the food corresponds to C02 emissions from 1.5 million cars. (In Switzerland, it means 36 % of all cars we drive). At the social level (Gesellschaftsebene), if we have a look at the curves of supply and demand (Angebots- und Nachfragekurve), we have as mentioned a rising demand and that is the cause why we have a high world market price for basic foodstuffs. For the economy, this means mainly: A lot of costs. Per household and per year we spend 500 – 1000 CHF on Food Waste. The costs for de losses have also an impact on the market price. The company must produce more to be able to supply the demand (because the consumer lives wastefully). The company has to pass on costs to products. (Kosten auf Produkte umlegen) And the farmer needs also more agricultural direct payments . Because he has to ensure that the fast, cheap and big production is save.

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Könnte jemand über meinen Essay drüber schauen?

         Every school should demand school uniform

In some countries all over the world school children have to wear uniforms the color scheme and style varies from school to school. In other countries pupils can wear to school what ever clothes they choose. In those countries it could be difficult to introduce school uniforms, because they are not traditionally used to wearing one. In the following essay I want to discuss the advantages to introduce school uniforms world wide.

In my opinion school uniforms ind schools are positive but negative too because not every student have the same style and they cant decide which school uniforms they wanted to wear.

School uniforms are on the one side good because a lot of children are victims of bullying because some of theme haven’t enough money to buy expensive and nice clothes. In this case the school uniform is very practically and maybe a good problem-solving.

On the other side pupils cant find our style and have to wear clothes that they don’t wanted. School uniforms can be nice but not every day ,It quickly becomes boring .However, there are people around the world for which it is too expensive ,always to buy a school uniform. Children grow fast and because of that they have to buy an again and again. We must take into account that the school uniform is maybe expensive but the clothes that the kids need for school is not cheaper and they have to be buy again and again, too.

On the other hand if the pupils wear school uniforms there is not a difference between rich and poor.

I have come to the conclusion that school uniforms are not everywhere positive and children should be able to develop their own style. Cause the bully is not reduced by a school uniform.

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