Englisch? Passt es so? Was sollte ich ändern?

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I wake up at seven in the morning, and I'm still very tired. (Kein Not, 7o'clock zu wiederholen, o'clock ist auch oft rausgelassen). Then I get dressed and have breakfast. (Put on my clothes ist nicht falsch, aber kein gutes Englisch). Compared to Sarah Morton, I am a lazy guy. (Umgangswort, wurde es nicht schriftlich benutzen, ausser zB in einem Brief an einen Freund).While I have my (nicht falsch, aber nicht nötig) breakfast (Komma) she is tending the fire. After that she makes pudding (was meinst du hier mit pudding? Warum macht sie Desert?) and breakfast. After (kein my) breakfast (Komma) I clean my teeth and go to school, where I'm six hours of my day (Falsch: where I spend six hours of my day or the next six hours) After breakfast, Sarah Morton feeds the chicken (hat sie nur die eine? Plural ist chickens), meets friends and milks the goats. I come home again for lunch. After lunch I do my homework and study for school and class tests. Sarah prepares the lunch without help has her lessons for reading and writing. (Sinnlos: meinst du, daß sie das Mittagessen ohne Hilfe präpariert, weil sie Unterricht beim Schreiben und Lesen hat? Vielleicht then she has lessons in ...) We are similar in that we both play with entweder a friend oder friends after studying. Sarah has to work after meeting her friends again.(Meinst du, sie muß nach dem Treffen mit ihren Freunde wieder arbeiten, oder - was du geschrieben hast - sie muß arbeiten, nachdem sie ihre Freunde getroffen hat?) At the end of the day (Komma) we both go to bed and sleep.

Hoffentlich habe ich dir geholfen.

Woher ich das weiß:

Usually, I wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning thus I'm very tired. After getting up I put on my clothes and have breakfast. In contrast to Sarah Morton, I'm a lazy person since she is pretty productive even in the early morning. After I had my breakfast, I brush my teeth and get ready for school where I spend about six hours every day. In this time Sarah M. feeds the chicken, cares about the goats and meets up with friends. Usually, I'm home again at lunchtime. In the afternoon I do my homework and prepare for class tests. Sarah uses this time to take lessons in reading and writing and, additionaly, makes her food on her own. Even though there are several differences, Sarah and I both spend our free time together with friends. At the end of day we both go to bed.

Das zweite 7 o'clock ist zuviel. Against Sarah? Gegen sie?

Könnt ihr bitte meinen englischen Bericht zur Klassenfahrt berichtigen?


ich habe einen Bericht zu unserer Klassenfahrt nach Berlin geschrieben. Dieser müsste noch berichtigt werden, damit ich mir nichts falsches angewöhne. Wäre echt nett, wenn ihr das eben schnell erledigen könntet.

Hier der Text:

Our class trip to berlin goes from XXth to the XXth September, ´14 to the capital of Germany – berlin. Our bus started at 7 o´clock by bus. We arrived at 16 o´clock after some stressful hours in our hostel in XXXXX. After we had arrived there, we furnished our room and unpacked our luggage. That took nearly one hour. When we had finished that, we met our class in front of the entrance and drove to the city to eat something.
Next day, we had a lot of free time which spent in city to drink a Frappuccino by Starbucks. We had explored the next Mc Donald´s with some delicious burgers too. This day wasn’t very exciting. On Wednesday we went very hectically to the Bundestag early in the morning. There was a mistake between Mr. Mustermann and the management so we got a new earlier appointment. We were listen to a session and met Dennis Rohde and took a photo together after that. This was a little special thing at the class trip. Some free time was following on this event. Our teachers booked a leadership in the afternoon. We took many photos and learned lots of history in berlin. We saw special buildings, churches and the Brandenburger Tor. In the evening we went to the Musical of Udo Lindenberg “Hinterm Horizont” and ate pizza in restaurant. On Thursday we took a visit at a natural history museum place in the afternoon. We were “allowed” to see the stuffed polar bear Knut and many other wild stuffed animals. I must confess that it wasn’t very exciting for me. After we had visited the museum and a lot of free time we drove to the zoo palace (cinema) to watch the film “whoamI” inside a very empty hall. On Friday we drove back to school in a further stressful way. Finally it was an excited class trip and a nice experience.

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Englisch - Praktikumsbericht - Grammatik :/

Hallo, also ich muss einen Praktikumsbericht in englisch schreiben, da meine grammatik aber...naja... sagen wir mal nicht besonders herausragend ist, hätt ich gern jemanden der sich das mal durchliest und evtl. korrigiert ... dass wär toll :)

(also das ist nür n teil vom bericht)

"A personal evaluation of my work experience All in all i like the work in the Hospital because i like my workmates and the work i have to do. I have learned a lot and fortunately my workmates are kind with taking the time to explain everything to me that I wanted to know. Another Advantage is that I do not have to work on weekends very often and that I have very well ours of labor. What i don't like too much is that i only have one break the whole day and that break it about 8.30 o’clock in the morning so i don't have any time for lunch or any spare time between 9.00-15.40 o’clock. Another disadvantage is that the way from the hospital to my home is very long and because I do not have a car yet it takes me a long time to go there. "

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Kann wer meinen Monolog [Englisch] überprüfen?

Hello today I'll tell you something about myself, my name is * * and I was born on 23.07.1999 in Istanbul in Turkey. I am at the age of 4 years with my mother and two siblings to Germany emigrated why that was my father already in Germany was and knew that a better future would offer us there. I now live with my 3 siblings and my parents in the Churchstr. 20, I have 2 brothers and one sister. My oldest brother is * and is 21 years old and is training as a police officer, his hobbies are soccer, swimming and boxing. My little brother is called and has recently eight years become more precisely at 17.1, he attended the second class of * school here in Lahr. My sister called * and is 20 years old and has completed their training as a nurse. My mother's name is * and is 38 years old and is a housewife. My father is * and is 42 years old, he works in the gastronomy . That was enough about my family now I want to tell you something about me and my interests. My name is * * and currently visit the class of the school. Why am I doing the * grade is a simple reason I just want to work secondary school certificate and therefore a better future. My favorite subjects in school are math and physics. I like to play in my spare time basketball and computer games. I watch very much animes, animes are animated drawings, my favorite anime is One Piece. Now I would like to tell you something about my future plans after class ***, I've always as a child dreamed of becoming a doctor and sometimes also want to realize this dream, even if I do not make it, I tried it anyway. That was my presentation, I hope they liked it.

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