Englisch Passive Infintive richtig?

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    2. The Teacher would like the food to be brought to school before 2pm. ("AcI") 

    3. Jake and Kelly expect to be given first place.

    4.  Taylor wouldn't like to be ignored by all the girls.

    5. Victoria expects  fights to be stopped by the teacher. (AcI)

    6.  Brittany hopes to be driven home by Scott.


    Bist du jedoch sicher, dass du auch die direkte Rede vermeiden  sollst?


    1. Maya: I hope to be invited to the dance.

    2. Teacher: All the food must be brought to school before 2 p.m. 


2. Auch: Teacher orders/wants all the food to be brought....

AcI = Accusative with [Latin: cum]  infinitive


Woher weiß man, wann man das AcI anwenden muss?


Du weißt doch sicher, dass man nach einigen englischen Verben keinen that-Satz anhängen darf bzw. muss (=AcI):  

Ich möchte, dass er...: I want him to...,

Ich erwarte, dass sie.. I expect her/them to.....

Wenn du nun ein Verb+Object hast, dann kann  die übliche Verwandlung von Aktiv zu Passiv  erfolgen (hier ist's eben: aktiver  Infinitiv zu passivem Inf.), nur kann aus dem  Object nun kein Subject werden, denn dieses wird  nach diesen Verben ja zum "Accusative":

* Act.: The teacher wants us to bring the food ...

Pass.: The teacher wants the food to be brought [by us]....

* Act.: Victoria expects the teachers(=them)  to stop any fights

Pass.: Victoria expects any fights  to be  stopped  by the teachers.



Satz 2: The teacher would like all food to be brought before.... (Dein Satz geht NOTFALLS auch noch so gerade).

Satz 3: J and K expect to be given first place (ohne "the").

Satz 5:  Victoria expects all / any fights to be stopped by the teachers.

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Hallo:) Also ich schreibe in meiner Freizeit gerne Texte/Gedichte/Geschichten und ich will eins davon präsentieren, in einer Gruppe mit anderen Leuten, die gerne schreiben, aber in England. Also ist der Text auf Englisch und wollte nur wissen wie ihr den Text so findet, das Thema ist "Hurtful Emotional"

Würde mich über jede Meinung freuen, und auch Verbesserungsvorschläge und Kritik:)

i have never been in love.

never have i experienced some kind of affection of another, admiring me.

i would like to think i'm okay with that.

i don't need that person, i'm okay alone

but then after some time i do crave for companionship. a special kind of love from somebody 'cause maybe then i'd be happier. maybe then i wouldn't feel this lonely.

so i seek for every oppurtinity. meaning i see all the good in every person, ignoring even their worst traits because i'm slowly getting desperate.i

start getting wrong ideas, letting my hopes go high, for them only to be crushed once again

i fall in love with someone too easily and too fast, because i'm broken, meaning all the love and affection pours out of me without even really wanting it to and it makes me want to give all my attention to all kinds of people, including wrong ones.

nothing ever happens. my imaginations and wishes are hopeless and they start fading away. people telling me "the right one will come" makes me want to cry because i have no faith in that anymore. how can the right person come, when i keep thinking it's nearly every person i see on the streets. how can i know the right person will come, when i keep running off to all the wrong places. i allow myself to be used, i let people take advantage of me thinking they love me..because all the people i have "loved" abandoned me. they lost interest and left, so i have the idea the right one doesn't exist. my desperation took over my patience and i'm lost. I can't anymore and give up

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Warum (nicht) nach Australien gehen?

Hallo☺ Also ich hab hier eine sufgabe in englisch die lautet : Explain why you would/wouldn't like to go to Australia. Ich kenne mich leider nicht so mit Australien aus und muss 80 wörter darüber schreiben😐könnt ihr mir ein paar pros und contras nennen?🙈

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Wie wird das Gerund Passiv gebildet?

Wir schreiben morgen eine Englischarbeit und wir müssen aus aktiv sätzen mit gerund passiv sätze mit gerund bilden. Kann mir einer aus diesen drei sätzen das passiv mit gerund bilden?

  1. Pop stars like to be admired, they enjoy it.
  2. They called me a liar. I objected to this.
  3. As a child I was taken to the zoo. I remember this.
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Summary + Characterisation, korrektur, dringend?

Summery's: The shortstory ‚Patricia’ written by Fraser Sutherland deals with two friends, where the boy has a crush on the girl, but never told it, until a spring dance in their school comes. He forces himself to ask her, to go with her to the dance and does it, but she declines his question and at the end, both go not to the dance and go different ways too.

oder ..

The shortstory ‘Patricia’ written by Fraser Sutherland deals with two friends, where the boy has a crush on the girl, but never told it. In their school there goes a spring dance and the boy forces himself to ask her, to go with her to the dance, does it, but she just diclines his question and at the end, both of them, go not to the dance and go different ways too

was wirkt besser und richtiger, zumindest einigermaßen?

Characterisation The following text is a characterisation of the boy, one of the two main characters in the story ‘Patricia’.

The boy is a student around 16 or 17 years, how it could be assumed, because he is close to his final exams (l. 55) and his voice breaks and so ‘He [is] changing’(fg.l. 19). Furthermore the character seems to be very sporty and active, just look at the scene, where he stands in front of the mirror and ‘[looks] at himself’ and his muscles (fg.l.5) - what means, that he must be ambious too, because he worked hard, to get them. The boy could be characterized as really attentive, how the behavior shows it, related to Patricia (fg. l.7-19). ‘He [spend] an hour talking with her’ and ‘[think] a lot about asking her to go [with him]’, but he have not the guts to say directly, that he wants to go with her to the spring dance, what makes him not self-confident.

To sum it up, the boy is ambious as related to Particia, but calm, without selfconfidence, but (Mir fällt nicht ein, wie es genau zusammenfassen könnte :x)

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Hey, wir sollen diese hier beim Lehre abgeben und es wäre nett, wenn ihr einmal drüberschauen würdet

Summary about the Text “The fall dance“:

These text “The fall dance“is about one boy, who thinks he never would invite to the fall dance in November. The boy, his name is Jose, comes sometimes too late to classes and for this reason he often gets detention, that is why he misses 3 times the maths class in one semester. Jose is not the type of boys, who are popular, he is the type of unpopular boys. In this November is the Fall Dance and girls can choose boys to dance with them. Jose doesn’t think someone would ask him for a date, because he had since grade 7 NO date. But one day a pencil is in his locker, normally only band geeks get pencils. The Pencil is from Brittany, this is one of the cheerleaders. She is famous and looks very hot. But in the afternoon he gets a call by Tiffany. Tiffany is a girl, who looks very good, too. So Jose think both of that two, very hot girls, want a date with him. Tiffany is be peeved about Jose, because she has sending him the pencil, but Brittany has said ‘oh it’s from me’ that’s a lie. Tiffany is very sad, because she really want to go with Jose on a date.

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Englisch Text korriegieren

Hallo kann jemand folgenden Text korrigieren? Dankeschön Dear Ben Russell, I read your article “Credit cards to ration individuals' carbon use“, which is published in newspaper The Independent in July19,2006. First of all I want to say that I think it's very good that there are people like you who think about the environment and of course about the problems which are exist. The suggestion is that every body has a credit-card with Carbon Dioxide points and if someone travels, use electricity, gas or petrol with carbon rations they have to pay. There is a special amount of this points and if you need more than your personal cap you have to buy credits on the open market. On the other side if there are people who cut the pollution of the carbon they produce, they could sell their surplus. Mr Miliband also suggests that banning products like light bulbs or electrical appliances which waste power while on standby, have to forbid. Everyone have to make automatic payments of offset pollution. I think this credit cards are not a good idea, because there would be a discrimination, because on the one hand rich people wouldn't cut their consume because they have the money to buy this credits. The most of them wouldn't take care about the environment. On the other hand the poor people have to take care about their carbon use. They haven't got the money to buy new credits. The result would be that the poor people take care and the richer people don't take care. Now you can say that it's maybe not a completely good result but now there are a few people who take care. Better than no one. But what is if the poorer people have to use the car everyday because they have to drive to work. They have to pay that they are working. This wouldn't make work more attractive. The poorer people are disadvantaged. Another cause why this credit cards are not a good idea is that you can't control it. There would be a lot of situations where are disagreements. For example if people drive together to work. Now who have to pay with carbon for that? The driver or the other ones? Another fact is that you can't handle everything with money. Everyone has to pay that the environment become better. But money doesn't help. You can't stop the global warming with money. My idea is that there have to be recompenses for those people who do something against the environment problems. There have to be individual things, which make environment protection very attractive and also necessary. It's very important that everybody knows about the problems and the results if we go on like this. All in all I think it's very good that there are people who think about a solution and things that can be do to stop the global warming. Nevertheless I think the credit-cards and money wouldn't be a good solution

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