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Wer ist "He" in der ersten Zeile? Das müsste wohl** It** sein.

It is named after the American President H.C. Hoover and is used for electricity generation and flood control. Other Tourist attractions are Virginia City which is the most visited Western town in the State and the Valley of Fire, a park with large sandstone formations providing many good photo motives. History: Nevada was first explored in 1776 by Spanish pioneerss and belonged to Mexico until 1848 when the area was ceded to the United States. In 1850 it formed the Western part of the territory of Utah and was first settled by Mormons. Lured by rich gold and silver deposits, many people from other US States, particularly from California, came to Nevada. Most of these prospectors left Nevada again after large parts of the Gold deposits were gone, leaving many ghost towns. In 1861 the area was organized as a separate territory. On 31 October 1864 Nevada was admitted to the Union as 36th State.

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