Englisch Mixed Bag unverständlich?

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Was ist denn mit der anderen Frage passiert, bei der ich dir das schon alles ausgefüllt hatte? 

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Fülle die Lücken erst mal selber aus, dann lesen wir das Korrektur.
Dass wir die ganze Arbeit für Dich erledigen ist nicht sinnvoll.

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Kommentar von Ohani
12.06.2016, 18:02

Did you have a good day at school, Jody? The morning was OK, but in the afternoon we had a maths test, and maths has never been my best subject. Oh, 7 expect you've done 8 than you think. - Is this letter for you? Yes, 10 you are. 11 ever writes to me. - Hey what's the 12, Dad? Bad news? No im just in shock! Actually, the news are very good. An old uncle of 14 died a few months ago, and -  . 16 is that good? Didn't you like him? To tell the truth, I dont really know him. He lived in Austarlia. Anyway he didnt have any children, so he left instructions for his money to 21 shared between his other relatives - so ive got 20000 pounds!

Wow you're one of the rich now!

Its fantastic, isnt it? If it is my money, i'd go to holiday with it. But it isnt yours! And im not 28 to spend it all at 29, - but a holiday would be nice. What do you think of visiting America, Jody?

So das is alles was ich hab, bei den anderen habe ich 0 ahnung :/


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