Englisch mini Erörterung schreiben /Hausaufgabe?

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vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen sollte man ja auch die Finger lassen! und statt dessen
für das Vokabular ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.com, und
für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de - nach dem Motto Learning by doing!

Ansonsten kenne ich das so, dass man eine/n Klassenkameraden/in oder eine/n Schulfreund/in um Hilfe bittet und dann gleich mit ihr/ihm zusammen Hausaufgaben macht oder lernt. Das macht doch eh mehr Spaß als alleine!

Am besten arbeitest du mit MayDayGirlX zusammen, die hat nämlich vorher erst genau dieselbe Frage gestellt.

;-) AstridDerPu

Englische mündliche Prüfung (Ein paar Themen wurden uns vorgelegt - siehe unten)

Ich habe am Montag die mündliche Prüfung und ich habe mich schon darauf vorbereitet. Da ich nicht sehr schlagfertig und spontan bin, habe ich mir schon halbwegs ein paar Antworten überlegt (Die ich natürlich nicht auswendig lerne, sondern zum groben Überblick geschrieben habe.) Ich würde euch gerne bitten, meine Texte durchzulesen und etwas zu ergänzen - Vorschläge? Vielen Dank!:)

First of all I want to introduce myself:

My name is Lena X I am seventeen years old and was born in X. Currently, I’m living in X since 12 years. Previously, I lived in X for about 5 years. My mom’s name is X and my father is called X. Both of them are X years old. My sister’s name is MX. She is X years old and is currently living in Australia, Melbourne, because she wants to “Work and Travel” there. She has to do some fruit picking for 3 months so that she can stay there for one further year. My uncle is living in Florida and my grandaunt in California. I am going to visit them in the summer holidays. I think I would rather live in the USA or another foreign country than living in Germany because many of my family members are living abroad.

Free Time Activities:

In my leisure time I like to meet with my friends. We often drive to Hamburg and go to the cinema, go out to dinner or ice-cream and sometimes shopping. Additionally, I go to the Fitness Centre three times a week with some of my friends. Mostly from 6pm to 8pm. I train my arms and legs and I just want to stay healthy. (It costs about 30 euro including the price for drinks, so you can drink as much as you want.)


Personally, in my holidays I want to travel as much as possible. I want to gain many experiences and learn about several cultures or countries because in my opinion it is insanely interesting how other people live and what they so or what their habits are. It is important to me that the hotel room is clean and the food tastes good. ** Fashion:** I prefer to wear ordinary clothes. I don’t have a special taste but mostly I wear skinny jeans and normal shirts or pullovers. Moreover I like H&M and Adidas. These are one of my favourite brands though I don’t mind if I wear clothes from special brands.

Detached House:

Nosy neighbors, no shops, long way to school, need a car

Garden/nature, quiet, clean air, nice area

Block Of Flats:

Loud, lots of traffic, pollution, many neighbours,

Good shopping facilities, cinemas, no gardening, public transport


Party, date anyone, enough time for yourself, to be able to afford an own house perhaps

You could be lonely,


You may have children, you are not lonely, to be able to afford house

You might haven’t enough time for yourself, you cannot work because of your children,

School Uniforms - Advantages:

Everyone looks equal (poor pupils don’t have to worry about it), you don’t have to think about what you want to wear,


You cannot show that you’re individual, you cannot wear clothes what you want to wear

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Ist diese/r Comment/Argumentation gut? Englisch Hilfe!

We often people say that´s the world is running out of energy or that we are wasting to much energy but they are not really talking about energy but a source of energy such as oil or gas. In the following text I am going to write about Methods which convert the energy.

One of the cheapest way to win Energy is possible by fossil fuels. For example by combustion of coal. The Method offers many jobs and it´s easy to transport. In my opinion we should still take the environmentally friendly Methods to win energy. One of the biggest problem is the pollution of the earth e.g. by the CO2 emissions. In addition the Methods are very dangerous and they destroy the landscapes. There can be caused a great disaster by a small mistake. For instance the disaster of Gulf of Mexico in 2010. An environmentally friendly Method is solar energy. On the one hand is solar energy very expensive and need much space. So that it efficiently there must be large areas of solar built. On the other hand the Method is renewable and free to use. The sun will always shine. Just like the solar energy is the wind power energy. They don´t product greenhouse gases. I think the important thing is that the method is not dangerous to us and the environment.

To conclude I would like to say that the environmentally friendly Methods are the best way to win energy because our earth is enough dirty. We should thing more about the Future.

Danke im Voraus.

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Korekturlesen für mein Englisches Referat über New Delhi :)?!


ich hab ein Referat auf Englisch verfasst und muss die nächsten Tage halten. Kann mir einer Korrekturlesen damit ich mich nicht blamiere? Ich bin nicht der beste in englisch :/. Ach und ich muss nichts abgeben also Satzzeichen sind irrelevant :D.

Und damit die Admins nichts sagen können, brauche ich einen Rat was ich gegen die häufigsten Fehler tun kann, damit ich meine Realschulprüfung auch erfolgreich absolvieren kann :D.

--Hier der Text--

New Delhi - Presentation

Hi everybody. Today I’m here to talk to you about New Delhi. My presentation is divided into 3 parts. Ill start with some general information’s about the city. Then I’ll look at the history and finally I’ll talk about a few important sights. I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have at the end. I’d just like to give you some background information’s now. The capital city “New-Delhi” is located in the north of India and a very young City, founded in 1911. With about 17 Million Peoples, Delhi counts to the second biggest Cities in India after Mumbai. It’s very hot in Delhi. The average temperature is around 25 degrees but in the summer it goes up to 45 degrees. The combination of temperature and the emissions caused by the mass of the people is very badly. There is often smog alert in the summer months. New Delhi is 50% bigger than Berlin and at one square kilometre lives 6000 Peoples. In Berlin live only 4000 people per square kilometre. Delhi is divided into 2 parts. “Old”- and New Delhi. As it implies, New Delhi is newer than “old” Delhi. (I make this signs just because “Old” Delhi isn’t the real name. It only means Delhi and New Delhi) New Delhi was planned and built by the British. AND THIS leads me to my next point which is the history of Delhi. As you maybe know, India was, in the very beginning of the 20th Century, a colony of Great Britain. In the past, the King of Britain “Georg the 5th” and the Emperor of India decided the relocation of the capital from Calcutta to Delhi but there lacked the government district. So they built it and named it “New Delhi”. Today Delhi and New Delhi are so big, that they’re the same town. New Delhi is compered to Delhi very Geometric built, like New Your. So there aren’t so many traffic. In addition to the new government buildings, were sights build, which you have to see when you’ll be there. In New Delhi you can find a large number of excellent museums for history, art and crafts. There’re many historic buildings as well as the Jantar Mantar observatory.

(Show them the pictures on your Placate). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Well that's it from me. Thank you all for listening; it was a pleasure to talk to you.

Danke fürs lesen und für alle Antworten :3!

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Erörterung Schuluniform Englisch

Hallo ich präsentiere euch jetzt meine Erörterung, ich wollte euch fragen ob ihr es dann beurteilen könnt ob der Inhalt gut ist und ob ich viele Grammatikalische Fehler habe oder sprachliche Fehler und dann am ende mir eine Note nennt zwischen 1-6 wäre klasse von euch

Should schooluniform be introduced in every school?

In the following text I will list several arguments for and against schooluniform. The thesis to this topic is that schooluniform has lots of disadvantages.The first argument to this antithesis is that it is unhygiencally because you cant wash they not every day. An example you have not so many uniforms at home and you cant not wash them because they would not be dry for the next day. The second argument is that the free development of the pupils is limited. For example they would not be trust what they would dress because they think than it is emberrassing . The last argument to this antithesis is that schooluniform can also lead to competetion and conflicts between different schools. For example a pupil they visited a another school and went from pupils from different school past and they check it that he are from a different school because the schooluniform discern from another school uniformsand then can also lead to a competetion and conflicts.

Of the other hand they are a lot of advantages for schooluniforms. The first argument to this thesis is that they cant readable ther finacial situation. For example if there was none schooluniform than would can be readable ther financial situation because they would not be achieve bran name clothes. A antoher argument is that it would be saves time in the morning . An example the pupil didnt know what he would be dress and than can it to came that he came late to school . The last argument they are for me very strong is that nobody became bulling by clothes.. An example a poor pupil cant not achieve brand name clothes or his clothes are very old and have a lot of holes and therefore they cant be bullied for clothes.

After listing all the arguments for and against schooluniform think I not every school not to lead schooluniform in schools because for me it is important that you can deside what you will dress.The reason ist that then became th self confidence stronger.

Das ist meine Erörterung gerne Verbesserungsvorschläge z.B wenn ich was nicht gut formuliert habe mich verbessern damit ich das beim nächsten mal besser mache :)

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