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The film `Bend it like Beckham´ is about a girl from India called Jesminder. She lives in Britain with her family. Jessminder loves playing football. She often plays football in the park with her friends/a group of Indian boys. Her mother is against her daughter playing football, because of their (Indian? besser: Hindu) religion. Jess's sister (Pinky) is going to get married soon. The whole family plans the wedding for (and with) her. One day a girl called Jule from a serious football team for girls sees Jess playing football in the park. She thinks that Jess plays football very well and that she is talented. Jule asks her if she would like to join her football team. Jess is really surprised and happy and says yes and goes there from then on (thenceforth ist ein bisschen altertümlich). After some weeks Jule has become her best friend. But then Jess gets her high school results (?? high school gibt es in den USA, nicht im UK. Meinst du A-Levels?) and plans to go to university. (eher Geschmacksfrage, study ist nicht falsch) Because of this she wants to stop playing football. Jule's mother thinks (Komma weg) that Jess is her girlfriend and is really sad and disappointed about that. Jess and Jule are in love with their coach. But he´s only interested in Jess. Jule is his best friend only. Some days before the wedding the coach goes to Jess (zu ihr nach Hause? dann sag goes to Jess's) and tells her about an important match. But she can´t go there because of the wedding (it´s at the same time) she thinks. On the day of the wedding everybody seems happy. But Jess is not happy. She´s sad because she wants to play in the football game. It´s really important for her. Her father allows her to go to the match but when it is over she has to go to the wedding party/ceremony again. She and her team play the match and win. A man wants her and Jule to join his football team. But it's no normal team. It´s an important girls' football team in America. They say they want to join it and are really happy about that. Her parents are very mad and disappointed. But then they allow her to go to America and join the football team. At the airport her coach comes to her and asks her if she loves him. She says yes and kisses him. Everybody is happy and Pinky is pregnant. Her parents are proud of her.

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Kommentar von Constantine77
29.09.2011, 22:50

Respekt. Du hast Dir viel Mühe gegeben. Hut ab. Allein schon wegen dem Aufwand würde ich Deine Antwort als die hilfreichste einstufen.


Das jetzt komplett durchzukorrigieren wäre ein bisschen viel verlangt. Kleine Fehler sind schon drin. Aber es ist durchaus in Ordnung, verständlich und angemessen für einen Schüler.

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