Englisch kontrollieren?

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Hab es auf die schnelle grob verbessert, ist noch nicht gut, aber besser

Hey Ray How are you?

You wrote -to- me about the school competition. I have an idea for it. I read an article about drones, it was very interesseting.

I think it might help you.. Drones can transport your Package very fast to your home. Also, drones can Save People.

At fire the drone checks how bad the location is. It can observe dangerous zones. The drones can fly over the area and tell the firefighters, where the fire is and how dangerous the situation really is. There even are so called air shield drones build by engineers of the TU Dortmund, which send information to each other.

I think it might interest you and might help you for the competition Good luck

In love your friend

Ps: the article is in the E-Mail

Danke für die schnelle Hilfe.


Hey Ray, how are you?
You wrote to me about the school competition and I have an idea for this competition.
I read an article about drones and it was very interesting for me.
I think it might help you.
The article is about drones that can transport your packages very fast to you home. Drones can also save people for instance by checking the conditions and details in case of a fire.
There are „air shield drones“ built by engineers of the TU Dortmund, which send Information to each other.
I think it might interest or help you for the competition.
Good luck
Sincerely your friend (name).

Ich würde es mal so verfassen, aber bei solchen freien Aufgaben gibt es natürlich unzählige Varianten, die man bilden kann, um trotzdem das selbe auszudrücken.

Danke für die schnelle Hilfe und die neuen Ideen 


Überarbeite auf jeden Fall noch mal Deine Rechtschreibung! Dann sehen wir weiter! Ich kann mir nicht helfen, aber wenn Du unsere Hilfe anfragst, dann finde ich es nicht gut, wenn Du solche Rechtschreibung ablieferst! ;-)

Ähm ja liegt daran das ich es mit dem Handy geschrieben habe, aber es kommt mir eher auf die Grammatik an 


Written Discussion "Would you like to live in Mumbai". Könnte mir jmand die Discussion verbessern?

Könntet ihr den Text verbessern ?. Ich shreib morgen ne Arbeit und ich find den nicht so gut und würde mich auf ein Feedback freuen.

**Today I am writing about the question „would you like to live in Mumbai?”. I think it´s a good question, because there a many Arguments for and against.

My first Argument for living in Mumbai is, that if you speak English, you can manage everything in the city. It is not necessary to speak the regional language. For example, …. Second argument is that India is one of few countries, where even people can have a maid or a chauffeur. You are able to afford them. In addition you can send your child to school. Because there are German, American and English schools. Another Argument for is that Mumbai is a city for shopaholics. There are designer closets much cheaper than in Germany. The qualities from the Materials are good. Tough the crime rate is high, so you can robbed in the city. The city has good transport options, for instance local trains, metro, monorail and public transport buses. No other city can sustain this much population and traffic. Nevertheless is there the rush hour. The Streets are crowded and it tooks a long time to come to the destination. My last argument is that the food in Mumbai is very delicious. You can eat in small restaurants, on the street or in very good restaurants to try out different cuisines. However you have to pay attention with food.

To sum up, the people in the city are very friendly and they will help you every time, when you need. I think I would like to live in Mumbai It´s a fascinating city with colorful festivals. **

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Englisch Oberstufe: summary über "keeping In Touch"

Ist meine summary so korrekt und gut? The Article keeping in Touch written by James Smith and published in Year 2014, deals with the most important aspects of keeping in touch. Today You can't more think away of the technology and the Internet. We use it everyday for business and of course for talking together to keep in touch with your friends and families. So with your smartphone you can Talk with your Friends and naturally write text messagers like whatsapp whenever and whereever you are. This ist a great think and its to easy but also fast. Overall we can day that the Internet has gone portable. Anyway you can communicate with your friends via Social Networks Sites and can send or Share photos,messages and of course if you want Gombe closer you can do Phone falls like Face to Face. Finale with Smartphones,tablets and the Social Media Networking Sites you can alyways keep in Touch with your Friends.

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"How to" speech

Ich soll morgen in Englisch eine "How to" speech-Rede halten und wollte wissen, ob das alles richtig geschrieben ist und ob ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge habt.

"How to" go shopping clothes

Today I tell you something about how to go shopping clothes.

First you must go to a bank. There you take off money from a cash dispenser. Then you go in a boutique. In this you look at clothes and choose something. In a locker room you try it on. Then you superior whether you want to buy it. If you want it, go to the checkout and stand in the queue. If it´s your turn, pay for your clothing. Then you can go back home.

Thank you that you have listened me. I hope you liked it.

Bitte sagt mir, was noch verbessert werden muss. Danke LG Michelle

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In die indirekte rede umformen (englisch)?

Bin am verzweifeln mit diesem einfachen satz: Did you see it? Yes I saw this huge[...]

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