Englisch: Future continuous?

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Abgeschlossene Handlung ist completed action. Complete Action in dem Zusammenhang ist eine vollständige Handlung mit Anfang, Dauer und Ende, die in der Zukunft liegt. Man kann nicht sagen, welcher Teil dann gemeint ist.

Könnte es sein, dass Dein Satz aus der Grammatik sich auf future perfect (Deutsch / Latein: Futur II)  und gar nicht auf future progressive bezieht?

Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass "completed actions in the future" sich auf Futur 2 bezieht:

Beispiel: By midnight the fire will have gone out. ("wird ausgegangen sein").

Das ist so in dem Buch „English Grammar in Use“ by Raymond Murphy abgedruckt. Ich denke miszs hat recht, dass damit keine abgeschlosse Handlung gemeint ist. Ich glaube es wird hier einfach die Durchführung einer Handlung in der Zukunft gemeint.


Arranged marriage presentation?

Hey leute Ich hab nächste Woche eine mündliche Prüfung in Englisch und hab das thema Arranged marriage bekommen und soll darüber reden Ich hab schon mal eine Einleitung geschrieben. Könnt ihr mal drüber gucken ob das zuviel oder wenig ist. Das sollte halt nur stehen worum es geht also allgemeine fakten.

Today I'm going to talk about Arranged marriage. I'm going to divide this talk into three section. First, I'll give you some general facts about arranged marriage. Next I'll talk about the Pro and Contra arguments. Finally I'll give you my opinon to this topic.


Arranged marriages are highly traditional which the husband and wife are choosen for each other by their parents , sometimes before they are even born.The child typically have little to no say in the matter, and are forced into the marriage in order to gain financial orsocial advantages for their family.Arranged marriages come in all over the world and are popular in some parts.Most take place in countries like Pakistan, Japan, China and india.In all arranged marriages you have to be the same nationality.90% of the marriages that take place in India are arranged marriages.The ideal age for a women to be married off is 25, while for a man it is 30. Some arranged marriages are not forced, and the families give their children a full choice in the matter.In order to gain a better perspective on what arranged marriages have to offer the people and families involved let’s break down the good and bad.

 Danke im vorraus

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Brauche Hilfe in Englisch! Report

Hallo! Ich muss in Englisch einen Report über meine Zukunft schreiben und dabei bin ich mir ziemlich unsicher. Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ihr mir sagen könntet was ihr davon haltet und mir eventuell über Fehler bescheid gebt. Wir mussten den Report kurz halten.

My future


This report aims to give you an idea of my future. I will talk about my future family, my future career and about a big dream of mine.


One of my biggest dreams is to find the love of my life and to get married one day. Another big dream of mine ist o have my own children and to be a good mother.


Honestly I have no idea what I would like to become one day. I often think about it and there are some things that I’m interested in but I’m just not sure yet. I hope that I’ll choose the right job one day which I’ll like and be happy with.


Traveling has always been a big dream of mine. i really hope that I’ll have a lot of opportunities for traveling in my life because I want to see as much as possible of the world.

Conclusion :

All in all I just wish for my future that I’ll be able to look back in sixty years and say that I’ve had a happy life.

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Englisch Übungen Zukunftsformen

Hi Zusammen! Ich suche Englisch Übungen zu den Themen "present continuous", "present simple" und "going to future". Wisst ihr, wo ich solche finden kann? Danke im Voraus!

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IDW Back to the Future Comics kaufen?

Wo kann ich von IDW die alle comics als Pack Back to the Future Citizen Brown (Regular Cover) kaufen?

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Könnte jemand bitte meine Englisch Argumentation korrektur lesen?


In Britain, children and teenagers can be given an ASBO if they do anything that is an antisocial behavior. It’s a way of punishing them for their actions instead of going to prison or similar punishments. An ASBO consists of several punishments like being forbidden to go to different areas of a town or to meet specific people.

The problem with ASBO’s is that they can give the person depression because they are socially isolated. Consequently, this can lead to self harm or depression in the worst cases. Secondly, their actions aren’t primarily punished they are prevented so that the child/teen won’t do it anymore. Furthermore, the things that are reported aren’t necessarily illegal sometimes it’s just something that might be annoying to others, like tattoos. Having said that, this might just be a way of showing personality. Reportedly, it has happened that someone was just given an ASBO because he looked scary and was always wearing a hood. Another thing to add is that the pictures that are hung up around town can be really embarrassing and can lead to harassment by others. On the other hand, ASBOS also have advantages. Many teenagers have their problems with school, friends etc. This might lead to some illegal actions like drinking or smoking. In addition to that, there often is some kind of group pressure. ASBO’s are a way of showing them that their actions are wrong and that there is a solution to their problems. For instance, it’s a way of identifying that their actions have been wrong. Another key thing to remember is that ASBO’s can keep the children/teenagers from going to prison and that would be way worse.

All things considered, I think that ASBO’s can be good for the young people to change their antisocial behavior. That way, they can understand that their actions have been wrong and change them for good.

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Was heisst das: Wear something nice tomorrow. The time for threading water is about to be upgraded.?

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