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How to write a characterization

A characterization is a description of all the features that make up a personality and its development. One can distinguish between two main methods:

• direct (explicit) characterization: the reader is told about a character’s personality directly by the author, by another character or by the character him/herself

• indirect (implicit) characterization: the reader is expected to draw conclusions about a character by studying his/her behaviour, opinions, choice of words and/or way of talking

Before you start working on your characterization find out how the character’s personality is revealed in the text. Possibilities:

• through the narrator’s description of his/her outward appearance

• through direct comments on his/her character

• by what he/she does, says or thinks

• by showing what other people think or say about him/her

Then collect the facts from the text and draw your conclusions about the person’s character! Look for…

• name, age, figure, clothes, height, sex

• language, nationality, general impression

• social background, family, kind of friends, profession

• what he/she does and says

• his/her behaviour (e.g. toward other characters) and actions

• thoughts, dreams, emotions, attitudes

• what other people say/think about him/her

Move from the outward features to the inward features/nature when writing your characterization. Do not forget to work with the text by using text reference and give examples for your findings, especially when you are working on the last four categories mentioned above.

Basically present tense is used in characterizations.

(siehe: wiki.answers.com/Q/How _ do _ you _ write _ a _ characterization _ essay; die Leerschritte vor und nach den Unterstrichen musst du rauslöschen.)

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PS: Unter folgendem Link findest du eine Vokabelliste mit character traits:


Hast du es schon mal mit google probiert?:

"how to write characterization". hier einige Ergebnisse:

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ja ich hatte es schon mit google probiert aber anscheinend mit den falschen suchbegriffen! trotzdem vielen dank :)


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ja, ja, auch Googlen muss man lernen!-- beachte: der prüde Rechtschreibcomputer von GF lässt nur Ana-lyse zu; den Bindestrich musst du natürlich vor Eingabe entfernen.

trotzdem vielen dank . warum schreibst du "trotzdem": ich habe doch keinen Fehler gemacht!!


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