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Hello, Today I want to present the Book "The three musketeers". It's an adventure book. The Author is Alexandre Dumas. He was born in 1802 in
Villers Cottèrets and he died 1870.
ABOUT THE BOOK: The book was originally a series of stories written for a newspaper. It was published between March the 14th and July the 1st in 1844, and has become one of the best known stories. It took place in France.

Characters: Artagnan is a poor gentleman who is good with a sword and
has a lifelong dream to become a musketeer.
Aramis, Porthos and Arthos. Aramis is a good fighter and an accomplished
ladies man. But he vows he will give it all up soon and join the
priesthood. Porthos is a loyal friend and a fierce fighter. He likes to
brag about the women he had enjoyed over the years. Milady is a career
criminal whose specialty is ruining the lives of the men she comes in
contact with.

THE STORY: Artagnan a men from Gascony (shouth France) leaves for
Paris 1625 with an invitation from his father to become a musketeer of
the Royal guard of Louis. During his journey, artagnan engages in a duel
with an unknown man, he gets knocked unconsciously and loses the letzter(?) from his father which will cause the rejection of his application to the
musketeers. When he arrives in Paris, he spots the man he dualed and
begins to pursue him. When the time comes to face the musketeers, the
guards of cardinal richelieu try to arrest the four duelers,but the
outnumered quartet manages to beat them. Astounded by the courage and
skill from Artagnan, the trio rapidly befriend him. Arthos,Porthos and
Aramis turn out to be three of the most distinguished members of the
Royal guard. Artagnan joins a company of guard less prestigious than the
musketeers, where he'll have to spend a two year trial period. He soon
finds himself involved in the intrigues of the Court. Cardinal richelieu
wants to start a war between France and England with a clever plot. He
knows the Queen consort, Anne is having an affair with Duke of Buckingham
who has received the diamons from her which king Louis gave her as a
gift.The cardinal richelieu organises an event to which the Queen will
be expected to wear the diamons and their absence will uncover her
affair with Buckingham. Artagnan has fallen in love with the assistent
of the Queen. They must travel at desperate speed to England in order
to recover the set of diamons,facing the cardinal's men numerous times
along the way. They also have to face the ploys of Milady de Winter,one
of richelieu's main allies and are able to succeed in the last

That was my Book report.

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it took place in France

Und die Inhaltsangabe ist in Gegenwart und die Charakter auch.

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