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Today I’d like to talk about my road ahead so I will tell you kein Komma how I’m looking toward to my future. I’ve chosen this topic because, in my opinion, it’s important to think about this and to get clear what I really want to reach and how I imagine my future. I’d like to divide my talk into 4 parts and now, in my first part I want to (besser: would like to) take a look at my left school time so I will tell you what I want to reach in the left 3 and a half years of school.

In this time, I want to (s.o.) get good marks respectively plenty of points during my A-Level with the aspiration getting a lot of acceptances for study places,

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.eu,

für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de.


neuer Satz what brings me very quickly to my second part, where I want you to tell something about my study period, so for example where I want to live during this time. I’m looking forward Hier fehlt eine Präposition. studying marketing management as a dual study in Düsseldorf because I’m interested in this field of publicity. I decided to live in Düsseldorf because I love this city and the other reason is that I’m near to my family.

Then, with a good friend, I decide to live together in a flat share because it isn’t as (---) expensive if you’re living in a big flat alone. After my study time
Komma I want to (s.o.) work as a marketing manager

what brings me to my third part where I want you to tell something about my work aims and how I imagine my hopefully job. As a marketing manager you have to know how to sell products like shoes, dresses or cars and you have to make these products attractive for the costumers.

All in all Komma you can say about this job kein Komma that you have to promote for different kinds of products. It is important to mention kein Komma that I want to (s.o.) live abroad in big cities (---) like Paris or New York City because I’m in love with them.

I expect from the job that it is a diversity and also creative job. And (kein Satzanfang) my last point is about my personal aims, so if I want to (s.o.) get a family or Komma for example Komma an animal. And (s.o.)
this both questions I can answer with the statement yes (Satzstellung)
kein Komma because it is my biggest dream getting a family with an attractive man next to me and two children, equal if this will be boys, girls or both.

I also want to (s.o.)
get a little teacup pig because they’re very cute. I’d like to finish my presentation by summarizing that I want to (s.o.) be a successful worker and a good mum with a lot of aims and that I want to live abroad. That brings me to the end of my presentation, thanks for listening.

"where I want you to tell something about my study period"

Wieso willst du das dir deine Zuhörer das erzählen?Ansonsten ist der Text natürlich überseht mit Grammatikfehler, welche Klasse bist du?

Generell würde ich aber diese 4 part Einteilung weg lassen, klingt irgendwie komisch und es würde besser rüber kommen wenn du in einen chronologisch geordneten Kontext sprechen würdest.

erstens, wo sind da denn bitte fehler.. das mit dem where I want.. da ist das you verrutscht weil meine tastaur oder so manchmal spackt und wir MÜSSEN diese einteilungen machen,


englisch tagebucheintrag?

Dear diary, Why, why, why? How should I start? Maybe like this: Dear diary, today, it was the best day in my life by now? I’m feeling very, very, very good? Or I believe I can fly? But no. That would be a lie. A big lie. Better I can write something like that: Dear diary, I’m feeling so bad. My whole life. My whole life will never be the same again? I try to understand why it happened. Why or how did it happen that he react like that? And why do I feel like this now? Maybe I can understand it better when I write it down and think about it. Because I don’t want to be in a situation like this in the moment. Never in life! So first. Do you still know Rob? I’ve told you form this person. Last time. Only good things. But now, you can forget all these things. Or the most of them. So. We wanted to go away. Move to London. Only the two of us. We wanted to live and work there but that was before I noticed that I was pregnant. I told him that I was pregnant, of course. Directly. Although I was extremely afraid of his reaction. And I was right. He said that he wasn’t ready to be a father. Yes I know. But I wasn’t ready to become a mother, too. And I must say. Who is ready to be a mom or a dad with 23? Indeed, an abortion was no question for me! He could go to work. Get the money. Maybe we could marry soon. (At this time I was optimistic. To optimistic.) I tried to change Robs mind. Somehow. That he says yes. Of course. It’s okey. I’ll look after our baby and help you. At last Rob and me we both are guilty. But. No. Of course. He kept saying: “What about my life and my choice?” He thought, we would fight all the time. And an abortion was the best option in our situation. But finally it is my body, my life. So it’s my choice. My choice of I want an abortion or not. All in all he doesn’t came clear (er kam nicht damit klar) that I don’t want to rid of our baby. So he left me. In the 4th month. Pregnant! From that time I don’t speak to him anymore. I hate him for that that he left me alone with the baby. With OUR baby. He said now he feel really guilty about it. But. Yes of course! I only never noticed it before! He was egoistic like a selfish monster which doesn’t care about anyone other. Except him! I don’t think that he think only one time!! Only one time what I’m feeling now. And… No okey I don’t want to become absorbed in this part. So I don’t want to get money from him. He isn’t the father of my daughter. He is only the one who made me pregnant. Now I’m living with my parents. And I really don’t know what I would do without them…

richtige zeit? oder hat jemand verbesserungsvorschläge?

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Brauche Hilfe bei einem Englisch Text über Zukunft

Wir müssen im Englisch Unterricht einen Text schreiben über unsere Zukunft. Ich habe ihn schon geschrieben, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob alles richtig ist. Vielleicht kann einer von euch mal drüber schauen und vielleicht auch berichtigen.

Hier ist der Text:

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. I think this quotation means that you don’t dodge something. But rather you learn to life with them. This is important to get somewhere and that your dreams come in fulfillment. You don’t bother one’s head about small things or big things. You must try to make the best of these problems. So life isn’t easy but you must try to make the best of it. My childhood dream was to be a wizard. Here you can see the evidence. This is a collection of childhood dreams from our kinder garden group. At this time the boys wanted to be a policeman, a footballer or a fire fighter. They wanted to have a typical man job. However the girls wanted to be a princess, a wizard or a doctor. At the most time, these dreams doesn’t come in fulfillment, because the people discover new professions. Sometimes the parents extort their children and they want that the kids become the same profession. My favorite subject is math and I love it to work with computer. So I decide to work as an information scientist Today you need a driving license to went to your workplace But I’m not sure whether I do my driving license, because my problem with my eyes Still I think that I can get this, because I’m diligent, I have stamina and ambition Now I’m a student at Ulf Merbold Grammar School in class 9. So I have time to think about my future. In 4 years I’m going to pass my A-level exam and then I will study or I will start an apprenticeship. Maybe I will work a broad as an Au pair or whatever. When I'm an adult, so 25 to 30 years I will start a family, because I have finished my education. In my life have been happened many bad things, but I've tried to make the best of these problems. I become more confident day to day and I will master my life

ICh hoffe ihr könnt mir vielleicht helfen - Danke (:

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Hallo, ich habe am Dienstag meine mündliche Prüfung und wollte mal fragen ob hier jemand vielleicht meinen Text kontrollieren kann?

Today I want tell you something about Holidays. Personally when i get older I don't like travel to other countries because i'm so far away from my friends and i'm afraid to missing out important things. Anyway I travel with my family to different countries, in early life i travel to the Netherlands on a camping ground i can't tell anything about the trip because I can't remember. At the age of 6 i was in Turkey with my hole family, we were in Antalya we stay for 2 weeks. That was a nice time for me and everyone was happy. The hotel was so nice and we had such a great time together. There are so funny memories for example I was afraid of a taxi and we must drive with it to came to the city and it was a party taxi and my mother was sitting next to me and i said "mom you can move closer to me" i said this because i was so afraid. The weather was nice it was very hot and because of this i can't eat so much i dont know why and when we go to the dinner i'm only eating 5 or 6 pieces of melon. That was such a great time. When i was 14 I travel for the second time to turky and we were in the same Hotel, i was with my uncle and my aunt and 2 friends from my uncle. That was a nice time too, but I have noticed that something isn't good, i miss my friends and after four days or so i want back home because they told me on Whatsapp so great things what they did and that sounds so funny. But all in all it was a great trip to turkey. At the age of 15 my mom asks me whether I want to go to Italy with her and her partner. And i must be honest I have advised 2 weeks and asks my friends would you travel to italy if you were me and they said Joyce why you are thinking about that? Yes of course i would travel.. At the end my desicion was yes and i must say that i had a great time in Italy.. We drive with a bike trough the city, we took part in a guided tour of the city Sienna. And we saw many sights for example the leaning tower of pisa. In the easter Holidays i will travel to the north sea with my family and my best friend Joan. And i'm very glad because Joan is with us. And in the Summer Holidays i will travel to turkey with my mother and her partner, i hope we have a great time and i wont miss my friends so hardly. For me the best holidays were the summer holidays because you mustn't think on school and the wheather is actually nice. And when i dont travel to other countries i'm only on the way with my friends. We go swimming, or make a picnic sometimes we camping in the garden. All in all i can say that i love holidays.

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Morgen mündliche Englisch Realschulprüfung, Text Korrektur

Hallo, ich habe morgen meine mündliche Realschulprüfung. Wir haben heute die Aufgabe für die Kurzpresentation(2-3min.) bekommen und wollte eure Meinung wissen. Es geht um ,,My Dream Job,, Hier ist der Text: My dream job Now I will tell you something about my dream job. My dream is to be a police officer because the uniform gives me strength. When I was a child I always wanted to arrest criminals to secure the city. I had three weeks internship at the police station and it was very interesting. So I can imagine to work as a cop. There are many departments in this job. Once the police protection, second the criminal police and finally the district police. The police protection has many interesting activities. They are called to inserts, to traffic accidents but anyway it is very dangerous because they arrest criminals. The criminal police is also an interesting department. They consult witnesses, they consult victims of crime, write reports and they are civil. That’s very important so they are not recognized by the criminals. The district police is something for older cops because they don’t have much action. They attend schools and speak with the pupils. That is not a thing for me. I want to work more at the police protection because it is very interesting. In this job you can earn about 2000 € a month. But it also can increase. That was my presentation about my dream job.

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Erster Kontakt zur Gastfamilie

Hey, ich habe heute die Informationen zu meiner Gastfamilie in kanada bekommen und habe mir vorgenommen gleich eine E-Mail zu schreiben. Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr sie mal durchlest und mir eine Rückmmeldung gebt.

Dear XY,

I’m L... from Hamburg. Today I got informed that I’m gonna spend my 10 months at Canada with you and another stundent from Hongkong. Thanks, that you’ve chosen me, I’m so happy about that. I hope we’ll have a great time together and I’m really excited to meet you.

With the best greetings from Germany, L...

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Kann mir jemand diese Bewerbung für eine Bildungsreise nach England korrigieren?

Hier der Text:

I am writing to you to express my interest in the offer to take part in an educational journey to England. I believe, I have the right qualifications for the excursion to England, because I am able to speak and write in English nearly fluent and I improved my English skills multiple times during vacations abroad. Because I may want to study abroad someday, it would be a unique chance to visit the Oxford University to get an impression of studying in the United Kingdom, but I am also very interested to learn more about the British culture and history.

I believe after you have reviewed my application you will see that I possess the required skills. I am looking forward to hear soon about the results. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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