Englisch- Satzanfänge könnt ihr mir helfen?

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Wiederhole das Thema oder einen Teil davon und vermeide so eine Themenverfehlung.


- In the nineteenth century,

- For many years now,

- Last summer,


- In Britain,

- All over the world,


My friend Tony

Andere Aufsatzanfänge:

- Once upon a time (Märchenanfang)

- First of all,

- With reference to

- Perhaps you already know/perhaps you are already aware that

Nützliche Redewendungen:

- first of all

- firstly

- to begin with

- initially

- in any case

- certainly

- on no condition

- under no cirumstances

- therefore

- as a result of this

- as a consequence of

- in my opinion

- it is my conviction that

- as far as I am concerned

- to my mind

- I take the view that

- I look at it this way

- I take the opinion that

- I am in two minds about

- I doubt that

- I am uncertain about this

- I am doubtful whether

- it is all the same to me

- I do not mind whether

- it does not concern me

- it is none of my business

- I have no interest in

- on the contrary

- contrarily

- in opposition with

- in contrast to

- on the other hand

- in comparison with

- by way of comparison

- we must take into account that

- we must bear in mind that

- we must consider that

- I want to bring to your attention

- I would like to draw your attention to the fact

- Let me point out to you

- in any case

- whatever may happen

- at all events

- under no condition

- under no circumstances

- there is no way that

- under the condition that

- provided that

- it all depends (up)on

- however

- on the other hand

- furthermore

- additionally

- I have reached the conclusion

- I have come to the conclusion

- I have formed the opinion

- last of all

- finally

- eventually

- in conclusion

- lastly

- when all the arguments are considered

- comparing all the advantages and disatvantages

- comparing all the pros and cons

- I would like to put it in fewest possible words

- In a nutshell

Adverbien, die am Satzanfang stehen können, sind z.B.:






















•Of course



:-) AstridDerPu

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02.11.2016, 21:28

Naja aus jedem Stichpunkt ein Satz😇


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