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Dear Peter, I am going to write this letter to mention some special highlights of Chicago. The most important things are the wonderful sights of the city. For example amazing... and the... where you can do... . In addition I also have to mention the American high schools in general. In my opinion the most interesting thing to visit there is the Wills Tower, the biggest tower in Chicago. Therefore you have to collect some information about the special American school system. Beforehand I can give you the information that almost everybody does different school activities or athletics for example football. So you have to think about your interest and the different kinds of activities you are going to do. I hope you've noticed that. In contract to Germany or German schools there isn't any school security( and for example school buses, student school ID cards WAS MEINST DU?). The job of the security is that they have to check every student at school if he has this ID card. These ID-Cards are needed to check if the student is visiting this school or doesn't belong to it. Every morning every class / every student has to put his right hand on his heart and sing the American hymns. I hope I could represent some general facts about Chicago and give you a pictorial reorientation about is. 
In love,


Hab aber auch net alles erwischt :D

Du kannst in Word einsetzen Texterkennung auf englisch stellen, dann siehst du die Fehler...

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