Elotrix twitch subsong?

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Kann jemand mein Englisch Referat auf Fehler überprüfen Thema Glühbirne (2 Seiten)?

Leider Lässt gutefrage net nicht zu das ich über 3000 Zeichen hier rein mache deswegen muss ich es als Link schicken sry

Seite 1 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/329581441232928770/418699245483327488/Referat.jpg

Seite 2

Now i come to a very controversial topic that is called light bulbs in the old egypt.

Explorer had found a very old wallpainting in a Temple which looks like a light bulb

Here is a picture of the wallpainting.

A very significant fact is that the temple is a underground temple complex and that there weren´t any light sources except torches and oil lamps which are normaly leaving traces.

There are 2 different groups of humans.

The first group claims that the Explorers couldn´t found any traces of Oil Lamps or Torches.

The other side says that they found traces.

The Temple is examined since the year 1880. Unfortunately there aren´t any reports of the first explorers so we can´t prove what is true. But there is still the mysterious wallpainting that every human can visit.

Now i explain you how a light bulb works.

Strom brings a string in a nearly oxygen free glass case to glow.

Because there is almost no oxygen in the light bulb the string can´t start burning.

A large part of the used energy is radiated as heat or as for our eyes not visible UV rays in contrast only 5 percent is radiated as for our eyes visible light.

Energy saving lamps were in the most western countries standard, because they need 80

percent less energy than light bulbs.

Today LED lamps are really worthwhile but thats another topic.

A Energy saving lamp actually has only Advantages.

Many people are still buying the normal light bulbs because Energy saving lamps cost more but do they really cost more? Or are they much cheaper than many people think?

In the shop a Energy saving lamp is more expensive than a light bulb thats right but you can save a lot of your money if you buy an Energy saving lamp because they need like i said before 80 percent less energy than normal light bulbs.

Depending on the model, an energy saving lamp lasts between 5 and 15 times longer than a conventional bulb! With average usage they can glow for up to ten years.

So we can say a Energy saving lamp is a lot more cheaper.

The only disadvantage i found is that energy saving lamps need about 1 minute to reach maximum brightness.

but that´s totally worth it.

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Wie ist Elotrix auf seinen Namen gekommen?


weiß jemand wie Carsten (Elotrix) auf seinen Namen gekommen ist ?

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ELoTRiX = Nazi?

Ich bin ja eigentlich immer echt vorsichtig mit solchen Anschuldigungen aber je mehr seiner Videos ich gucke desto mehr habe ich das Gefühl er ist einer!? Ich möchte jetzt auch nicht von ELoTRiX Vans blöd angemacht werden sondern mal wirkliche Meinungen von euch hören.

Danke im Voraus

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