Eine mediation in englisch schreiben Essay/article?

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unter Mediation versteht man die sinngemäße Übersetzung eines Textes, im Gegensatz zur wortwörtlichen (1 : 1) Übersetzung (translation).

Dabei werden nur die wichtigsten Stellen wiedergegeben und der Text auf etwa ein Viertel des Ausgangstextes zusammengefasst (10prozentige Abweichung erlaubt).

- Titel - einzige weitestgehende 1 : 1 Übersetzung

- Einleitung - mit wichtigsten Angaben zum Text (Autor, Quelle usw.)

- Zusammenfassung:

- Reihenfolge beibehalten

- Zeiten beibehalten

- weitere Punkte, siehe Link

- Schluss:

- kein Fazit

- keine eigene Meinung / persönliche Stellungnahme

- keine abschließende Zusammenfassung

(Quelle: http s://o berprima.com/englisch/mediation-schreiben/)

Üben kann man das mit jedem beliebigen Text. Zu den
Englisch-Lehrbüchern gibt es meist auch Arbeitsbücher und
Schulaufgabentrainer, in denen Mediationsübungen enthalten sind.

z.B. Fördern! Englisch. Kopiervorlagen mit Audio-CD. Englisch Mediation Gymnasialniveau für die 9./10. Klasse (amazon.de)

Zu empfehlen auch: fosbosenglisch.de/Writing.html

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One Minute Presentation?

Ist der Text Grammatik, und auf Englisch Richtig?

Today I Talk about New York and its sights. First, I'm Talking about The reason of The constructions, Themen with General Informations about The One World Trade Center. I will Themen Tell you why I chose The One World Trade Center. Enjoy The presentation.

The One World Trade Center was Built in Memory of 9/11, Since Then in 9/11 The Building complex, The World Trade Center was by terrorists destroyed has Been.

Today is on The Floor of The destroyed World Trade Center, The One World Trade Center. It has a height of 541. meters, and is tallest Building in The United Staates of Amerika. It has 104. floors, 73. elevators and 325.000. Square meters. The One World Trade Center was built and opened in New York in November, 2014.
By March 2009, The skyscrapper, The Freedom Tower was named. Today, The One World Trade Center in New York, Lower Manhattan District. There je stand das Protection against car bombs, 8. meters from The Road away. Today, The skycrapper is The centerpiece of The New York skyline, and is located on The Hudson River.

I have The One World Trade Center selected, behause I find his story, and The opperance very nice. Another reason is that I want to visit The skyscrapper in The future. Trank you for listening.
(Groß- und Kleinschreibung nicht beachten)
LG, Danke im Voraus.

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Charakterisierung Englisch: Looking for Alaska (Miles)

Ich soll als benotete Hausaufgabe in Englisch eine Charakterisierung über Miles, eine Person von Looking for Alaska schreiben. Könnt ihr mir ein paar Verbesserungsvorschläge geben und mich auf Grammatikfehler und so hinweisen?

Miles Halter, a 16 years old boy, is the main character of the book “Looking for Alaska” from John Green. Tired of his boring and lonely life in Florida, he decides to go to a boarding school in Alabama. He is very tall but skinny and looks weak with his thin arms. At his first day in boarding school he watches himself in the mirror and feels embarrassed, because he do not like his outward appearance (p.13, l. 7-11). His first friend at Culver Creek, the boarding school, Chip Martin, describes his legs as „chicken legs“(p.19, l.22), but Alaska, his second friend, says that he is cute. Chip give him the ironically nickname „Pudge“, because of his scrawny appearance. Before Miles come in boarding school, he lived with his parents in Florida and visited a public school. In this school he was unsocial and unpopular, that is the reason why he did not had friends. So he wants like his father, uncles, and cousins go to Culver Creek. To find more friends, he is trying to be cool. For example he wears his shorts just below his hips (p.17, l. 29). Miles behaves quiet and hates being careful (p.15, l. 32), but is also friendly and funny. His jokes prove that, which he is telling sometimes, because he just wants to look like a funny person and find more friends. Often the interaction with new people he meets is difficult, because he is shy, unsure and not good at small talk (p.8, l.12). But still he get a girlfriend named Lara and find good friends, Chip, Alaska and Takumi.
Miles fell in love with Alaska (p.134, l. 9), but she has a boyfriend called Jake, so Miles is sad and disappointed. Still he hopes that one day she will love him and he would have a relationship with her. So it is a lot harder for him as Alaska died at a car accident and he feels guilty about that (p. 157, l.34). In the whole book Miles hope to find the „Great Perhaps“which the poet Francois Rabelais was talking about (p.9, l.21-23). First Miles was shy and had no friends, but this change in the story. Later he is more self-confident and finds friends. He does not have a boring life anymore; just like his father in former times he makes pranks and makes a lot interesting experiments.

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Kann mir jemand bei der Englisch Hausaufgabe helfen. Ich soll einen Text mit 300-400 Wörtern schreiben. Aufgabe steht unten?

Choose one of the following tasks: 1. Write an essay about the difficulties and challenges of being a teenager. Your text could focus on some of the following: peer pressure, appearance, drugs and alcohol, parents, friends, boyfriend/ girlfriend Make your own title

  1. In your newspaper there is a debate going on about the use of computers and cell phones. One reader writes that: “Time spent on the computer or the cell phone inevitably means time taken away from real interaction with others”. You decide to take part in the debate by writing a reader’s letter, where you discuss this statement and describe how you use the computer or the cell phone both at home and at school.
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Simple past o. Past progressive?

könnten ihr einmal schauen ob die Sätze in den richtigen Zeitformen geschrieben sind,

1.When John arrived at the party, he was looking around for his friend Richard.

2.There were about twenty people in the room and they were talking loudly

3.He soon found Richard, who was arguing with some boys about football rules

4.Then the music started and John was walking towards Stella

5.But she was already dancing with another boy

6.While John was watching the dancers, he heard a girl‘s voice next to him-“Want to dance?“

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