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manche haie sterben, wenn sie aufhören zu schwimmen, das gilt aber nicht für alle. das problem dabei ist, dass haie ja über kiemen atmen. dafür muss wasser in die kiemen gedrückt werden, da sie ja nicht wie wir einen unterdruck dafür erzeugen können. um aber trotzdem einen fluss zu garantieren, müssen sie einfach immer schwimmen, damit halt ein konstanter wasserstrom gegeben ist und sie nicht ersticken. und zu dem gehirn: das kann gut sein, sonderlich hoch entwickelt ist das bei ihnen nicht. ich meine, ein goldfisch schafft angeblich nur 2 sekunden, da dürfte ein hai auch nur auf 2 minuten kommen. sind halt schon uralte tiere, die haben noch die dinosaurier mitbekommen und überdauert!

vielen Dank :)


Ich lngkadar mit der Antwort über das Schwimmverhalten überein, Hai haben aber ein viel längeres Gedächtnis (selbst kleinere Knochenfische haben ein Gedächtnis von 3 Monaten) Bei der länge des Gedächtnis kommt es nicht nur auf die Größe an, aber sie ist meistens Außschlag geben, ein Weißer Hai, Tigerhai können sich an bestimmte Ergeiniss ihr Leben lang erinnern. Das beste Gedächtnis aller Haie müssten die Riesenhaie haben, dananche die Walhaie und der Weiße Hai.

LG Salty1

Das heißt: sie haben ein Gedächtnis von 1-2 Minuten und wenn sie aufhören zu schwimmen, dann sterben sie.

A lot o' women hate me, but that's only cause they used to love me

Kann mir jemand sagen was das auf Deutsch ein ?

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Ist diese Empfehlung auf englisch richtig?


ich muss für die Schule eine fiktive Empfehlung für ein Au Pair schreiben. Dafür haben wir ein paar Stichpunkte über ihre Arbeit bekommen und mussten sie so in einer recommendation zusammenfassen. Könnt ihr mir bitte meine Fehler korrigieren? Danke!

To whom it may concern,


x has been working for my family since April 2016. She was a real enrichment for us and I am proud to call her my friend. Even though she was a little shy in the first few weeks (which I believe was mainly because she had to face the bareers of moving to another country and to a family who was very different from her own), she soon became a member of the family and my little boys became attached to her quite quickly. First, she actually struggled quite a lot with the boys and didn’t really know how to handle them (I admit, they can be really naughty!), but after some time she had found the perfect way of telling them off in a playful and friendly way. You could really tell that x actually enjoyed the time with my children – instead of just letting them play with each other or even putting them in front of he Telly, she got engaged and interested into the games the boys played.

She was always neat, tidy and organised which should be obvious but you can unfortunately not say that about every Au Pair. Although she had a boyfriend whom she saw on a lot of weekends (I let him stay over a few times – he is really lovely), she also got engaged into the family life and sometimes went with us to museums or the cinema.

I barely ever got to taste her food (simply because I only wanted her to do it for the children) but it always looked great – sometimes she even surprised the kids with some German dishes. The children loved her especially because she had promised them to never make mushrooms (which they absolutely hate). Unfortunately, we haven’t got a dishwasher but x never complained about washing up the dishes by herself.

The only negative thing or something that bothered me a bit about x was that in the beginning she sometimes stayed out past midnight. I never sleep very well so I often woke up and couldn’t really fall asleep again. After I had a few words with her about those habits, she always made sure  she would come home earlier.

In conclusion I can highly recommend x as an Au Pair. She didn’t really seem like she would see looking after my boys as a job but rather as a hobby or something she enjoyed a lot – which is as I believe the most important quality an Au Pair should have.


Yours sincerely,


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Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. They think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you do dont. Auf Deutsch?

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Ist mein englischer Text grammatikalisch richtig :)?

Also ich schreibe bald eine Englischarbeit und da soll ich einen Text über Teenager and Adults schreiben. Da ich in Englisch nicht gerade gut bin wollte ich fragen ob mein Text grammatisch gut ist.Vielen Dank für die Hilfe :).

Teenager and adults have often arguments,because they have different views.Teenages are optimistics,they thinkthey can everything,but they dont know very much.Adults are realistics and tell teenagers often things,they dont want to hear.Teenagers think often their parents are to strict,but ther parents want only good things for they.Parents dont like that teenagers do nothing for school and only hang out with friends.They dont like their music too.A second problem is :Teenagers have no idea about money.They want for example new clothes or a new cellphone.But parents didnt buy their it,so the teenagers are angry.A third problem is that parents put presssure on their childreen and they want they be the best.They want good marks too,but often the parents dont ask the teenager what he want.The life of a Teenager is not easy.

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Ehrliche Meinungen zu diesem Text:)?

Hallo:) Also ich schreibe in meiner Freizeit gerne Texte/Gedichte/Geschichten und ich will eins davon präsentieren, in einer Gruppe mit anderen Leuten, die gerne schreiben, aber in England. Also ist der Text auf Englisch und wollte nur wissen wie ihr den Text so findet, das Thema ist "Hurtful Emotional"

Würde mich über jede Meinung freuen, und auch Verbesserungsvorschläge und Kritik:)

i have never been in love.

never have i experienced some kind of affection of another, admiring me.

i would like to think i'm okay with that.

i don't need that person, i'm okay alone

but then after some time i do crave for companionship. a special kind of love from somebody 'cause maybe then i'd be happier. maybe then i wouldn't feel this lonely.

so i seek for every oppurtinity. meaning i see all the good in every person, ignoring even their worst traits because i'm slowly getting desperate.i

start getting wrong ideas, letting my hopes go high, for them only to be crushed once again

i fall in love with someone too easily and too fast, because i'm broken, meaning all the love and affection pours out of me without even really wanting it to and it makes me want to give all my attention to all kinds of people, including wrong ones.

nothing ever happens. my imaginations and wishes are hopeless and they start fading away. people telling me "the right one will come" makes me want to cry because i have no faith in that anymore. how can the right person come, when i keep thinking it's nearly every person i see on the streets. how can i know the right person will come, when i keep running off to all the wrong places. i allow myself to be used, i let people take advantage of me thinking they love me..because all the people i have "loved" abandoned me. they lost interest and left, so i have the idea the right one doesn't exist. my desperation took over my patience and i'm lost. I can't anymore and give up

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Englishe Hilfe gesucht? Ich habe einen TExt auf English geschrieben und könntet ihr ihn bitte kontrolieren und ich bednake mich für eure Hilfe?






I'll tell you about 3 stereotypes that I've encountered in my life. These are rather negatvies, positive and racist stereotypes that I will talk about. First, I'll tell you about a person I met on the street.

This is a person who thinks negative and does not try to think positive and so judges the girls. Girls are not as good at sports as men and all blond women are stupid. He always does the same thing others do and will not even try to change in my opinion.

Next, I'll talk about a woman I met on vacation and that's more of a postitive stereotype. She is a person who always thinks positive about other persons and never gives up thinking positive and judges people according to their strengths and not after looks. Like, all Canadians are exceptionally polite because they met some people from Canada and that Asians are very smart because they learn faster.

Lastly, I'll talk about a person I met in my old school, and that's a professor. He judges people, where they come from and skin color. He hates foreigners and always gives the Austrians better than a foreigner. There were always different brands. These were the 3 people I met in my life bind and hope that one changes before it is too late.



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