East Coast Hip hop

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"Traces of lipstick on my collar Baby you gotta do some more to get this last dollar Hotter than lava when you cum believe that I'mma follow Lady Madonna like to drink but she don't like to swallow Rockin that Prada, honey stay up in the beauty parlor Girl it would be my honor, make you my baby momma Holla she hella proper, fu** with it dumbin cousin Sucker for lovin buggin, shuckin and duckin buckin Suckin then finger-fu**in, here let me show you somethin I knock the stuffin off that English muffin Can't tell me nuttin, uh-uh Pushin yo' panic button when I'm stuck in All of a sudden, baby conductin" (von Method man and Redman - meths Part in y.o.u. - es gibt bessere Beispiele aber dies ist mir eingefallen :p - Mef Hats drauf)

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