Discribing and Interpetating a Cartoon

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Describing and Interpreting

Aus den unendlichen Weiten des Internet:

Describe a cartoon:

  1. Name source if you can

  2. Say who or what the cartoon is about or what it deals with

  3. Describe important details

  4. Examine the words printed in the cartoon

Analyse a cartoon:

  1. A cartoon is usually topical, so you will need to say what it refers to

  2. Are the characters presented in a positive/negative light?

  3. Examine whether the cartoon uses irony, and if it does, what effect this has

  4. Explain point, cartoonist is trying to make


Cartoons are often critical -----> recognize/identify them

Read the whole text carefully + examine all symbols…

Be careful when trying to interpret the MESSAGE

Für Beispiele siehe: http://englisch-blog.com/tips-and-skills/describe-a-cartoon-examplebeispiel/ oder gib bei Google - cartoon description examples ein.

Viel Glück und Erfolg für die Englischklausur!

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