Die besten KDramen?

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-queen in hyun's man

-Nice guy: Ich liebe es. Diese Serie ist der Hammer

-9 times time travel

-A Gentlemans Dignity

-Bride of century

-beyond the clouds

-Haeundae Lovers

-the princess man

-Gu Family Book


-The Master’s Sun

-the heirs

-7th grade civil servant

-good doctor

-the winter that wind blows


-you who came from the stars

-the goddess of fire, jung yi

-two weeks

-can you hear my heart?

  • I miss you

-who are you

-pretty man

-the suspicious housekeeper

  • to the beautiful you

-love rain

exosaranghae 10.06.2014, 11:06

Aiissh vielen dank-


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