Darf man das kostenlose Open Office auch im gerwerblichen Bereich nutzen?

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OpenOffice.org steht unter der GPL und laut derer ist eine kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt. http://de.openoffice.info/viewtopic.php?t=6744 LG Detlef

Kannst Du ohne weiteres benutzen - es steht ja auch nicht auf Deinen Briefen, mit welchem Programm Du ihn geschrieben hast. Ausserdem habe ich in den FAQ des Open Office noch nichts derartiges gelesen.

Hier noch ein Auszug von der offiziellen Open Office Site:

For Free ? Is it really free ? Yes. Really.

Can I give it to my friends for free ? Yes.

Can I use it in my company for free ? Yes.

How can you make it for free ? A lot of development, and all(most?) infrastructure is currently supplied or sponsored by Sun Microsystems. There are also many other people working on the project on a community basis, including localization, documentation, support, testing, QA and development.

If you want to contribute, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Also many other products are available for free under what are generally called Free/Libre Open Source Software. Examples include Mozilla ( for email and web browsing ), MySQL ( an advanced database ), and GIMP ( for image manipulation ). There are many other great products available, including advanced enterprise products from other groups on the internet.

But will it always remain free ? Yes, the licenses under which it is developed and distributed does not allow it to be taken away.



Ja, laut AGB des Open Offices.

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