CS:GO Server, Kann mich nicht einloggen wegem dem PW, ich kenne aber kein PW?

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Ich habe das jetzt hoffentlich Richtig verstanden: Du kannst nicht auf den server Joinen?

wenn du versuchst zu Connecten, tippst du dann in die Console connect 1932893842; password Sag ich net! ein oder nur connect 1932893842?

Einloggen tust du dich garnicht ;) du Verbindest dich mit dem Server. Einloggen tust du dich beim Anbieter

wenn in der Server.cfg sv_password "pracc" steht dann kann man NUR connecten wenn man connect 1932893842; password pracc eingibt. Löscht du die Zeile sv_password "(Sag ich net!)" kannst du mit connect 1932893842 aud den Server Joinen 

Ich hoffe ich konnte Helfen :)

English email crossword?

Der erste Buchstabe des gesuchten Wortes ist immer gegeben.

Complete the notes about avoiding conflict when writing e-mails with the correct words.

1_Don't always believe your first i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (9 Buchstaben fehlen)

2_Think about other possible i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (14 Buchstaben fehlen)

3_Think how your message could be misunderstood and c_ _ _ _ _ _ what you meand.

(6 Buchstaben fehlen)

4_Don't write questions such as "How could you p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ charge us twice for the wrong goods? It's totally unancceptable."

(6 Buchstaben fehlen)

Meine Lösungen:

  1. impression
  2. ?????
  3. clarify
  4. ???

Hat jemand Vorschläge für 2 und 4?


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15 year olds should be allowed on the streets between 9pm and 6pm?

Hallo, ich möchte ein paare Argumente über Teenagers on the streets wissen.

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Email an Geschäftsführer zweiter Teil?

At the end, we all agreed that stevia would enable our company to produce healthier cereals and became more cost effective over time. Moreover, we would be able to create a new image of Daybreak to win the trust of our consumers back.

We also coincided that we should label our cereals with the suitable intake of nutrition for children.

At the end, we talked about possibilities to attract consumers attention for our new cereals and which points should be included in a letter of apology to the public.

 I am pleased to inform you about our results of the meeting:

·        Firstly, we will be able to produce more healthy cereals through stevia. In the long run, productions costs will decrease.

·        Secondly, we should give the recommended intake of nutrition for children on our cereals packages.

·        Thirdly, we have thought out a new slogan for Daybreak’s cereals to enhance our image:

“Ready to go healthy”

·        Moreover, we should start a promotional campaign in where children and parents can try samples of our new cereals at supermarkets.

·        Finally, a public apology will be issued shortly, in which we acknowledge our mistakes from the past and promise to improve our corporate responsibility.


Attached please find a timeline of the meeting.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

 I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 Best regards,

 Mr. X

Head of Research and Development

 Attachment: Timeline of the meeting

Für Verbesserungsvorschläge bin ich offen.


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Englisch comment: GM Food! Fehleranalyse! Ist dieser Comment ok?

Hallo ! Ich schreiben nächste Woche eine Englisch Arbeit zum Thema Genetically Modified Food. Ich wollte mich drauf vorbereiten und habe deshalb schon einen kurzen Comment geschrieben. Könnt ihr mir helfen und nachschauen ob das so ok ist. Danke im Voraus!

At the present time People always want to sell faster and cheaper. This also applies for food. More and more Supermarkets sell genetically modified food. But is that ok? Should Mankind manipulate the gene? In the following Text I will show you why GM food should be ban.

The Problem is that many People doesn’t know that the most Food in Supermarkets are genetically modified. I thing if they knew what they eat then many People wouldn´t buy the GM food. Because the food is unpopular among Consumers.

On the one hand the Food is much cheaper than Nature Food. On the other hand the Food is unhealthy. The GM animals die much earlier than normal Animals and they suffer too. There is no doubt about it that the GM Food is unhealthy.

In addition the Mankind doesn’t know which consequences at manipulate of gene there can be. Maybe it can break a disease. The People should be careful with that.

So I believe that the GM Food is not only bad for us but also for the animals. That is why I think that GM Food should be ban. The Mankind shouldn’t change anything what worked of thousands years. Only because the People are greedy.

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englischer text suche übersetzung..

Heute waren in der Stadt überall Aufkleber zu finden auf dennen stand:

Remember, remember the fifth of November The gunpowder, treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot

mit einen großen Anonymous zeichen, kann mir das bitte jemand übersetzen?

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Kann jemand meinen englisch Text durchgehen? 8. Klasse :)

Hey. Muss den Text morgen abgeben, wäre nett wenn jemand noch mal kontrollieren könnte :/ Grades from Students to teachers Should students be allowed to give their teachers grades? It's just fair when students give their teachers grades, because teachers give students grades, too. When teachers get grades from the students, they could see how the students think about them. A disadvantage is, that the students do not know enough about teachers' work. Also some students would evaluate teachers they dont like intentionally bad, because they arent able to be objective. But I'm still thinking that students should be allowed to give their teachers grades. The teachers could improve and the students would be happier. Sooo das wars.. Habt ihr vllt noch Ergänzungen? Weitere (gegen)argumente? Sind bis jetzt leider nur 100 / 150 Wörtern .. Danke :))

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