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Ich hab mal reingehört und Dir die Akkorde in die Anfangs-Verse und den Refrain reingeschrieben. Der Rest des Songs geht dann genauso.

Speziell in der Einleitung verziert er die Akkorde noch ein wenig, u.a. mit Sus-Akkorden, das lasse ich aber weg und notiere nur die Grundakkorde.

Emotional Chaos (The Leaders)

Intro: Am, F, C, G | 2x

[Am]We were looking at the stars
Reaching [F]almost every parts
Of this [C]universe, so [G]far

I would [Am]love to see you now
But some[F]times I wonder how
You don't [C]need somebody [G]else

But what is [Am]right and what is [F]wrong
Maybe I'll [C]find out with this [G]song

I would [Am]love to see you a[F]gain
Sometimes I [C]wished that it would [G]end

[Am]What is right [F]what is wrong?
I don't [G]care while I sing this [Am]song
I don't know if [F]I'd rather be with [G]you
Or stay a[E]way and leave you [Am]soon

Intro + Vers: a, Fmaj7, C, G

Chorus + Break: a, Fmaj7, G, a, a, Fmaj7, G, E, a

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