Charakterisierung über Justin aus dem Buch "Falling Man" von Don DeLillo

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My name is Justin Neudecker and I'm 7 years old. I lived alone with my mother in New York for a long time, because Lianne and Keith - my parents - are divorced. Since the 9/11 attack my father lives with us again. I often spend my time with my grandma, too. She takes care of me when my parents have to work or when they are on the way to fulfill their lifes. In contrast to my grandmother they never spend time with me, which is the reason why they bought me so many things to play with. I guess, they feel guilty and try to compare their bad conscience with presents. I also spend a lot of time with my friends (the Siblings) after school. We use a secret language to talk about Bill Lawton and we are sure, that Bill sends another plane one day, so we always watch out of the windows with our binoculars.

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