"Cause perfect is perception, Perception is all that they can see" übersetzung?

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Perception evtl. als Wahrnehmungssache, also um auszudrücken, dass Perfektion eben subjektiv ist...

Weil Perfektion Wahrnehmung ist, und Wahrnehmung ist alles was sie sehen können. Oder so :) Wahrnehmung=Vorstellung wie man es sehn will :D

Weil Wahrnehmung perfekt ist, 

Wahrnehmung ist alles, was sie sehen können

Macht jetzt erstmal nicht so viel Sinn, wie ich finde


Hallo! Ich hab dieses Cover beschrieben, jedoch muss es mehr als eine Seite lang werden.Könntet ihr mir helfen? Ich hab schon geschrieben:

On the cover you can see the 'MI7' agent, who is the main character of the film. He is called Johnny English, which is also the title of the movie. He has formed his hands to the defensive posture, because he loves karate and feels himself professional. In the left hand he has a gun. Here can you see that Johnny can multitask, because he shoots the enemies with the one hand down and with the other hand he finishes them with his karate tricks. Johnny English stands on his feet confidently. This means the agent is unerring and wants to implement his plan quickly. He doesn't regret his decisions and knows how to do his mistakes well according to his lights. The man also carries a parachute backpack, which means that he has no fear of heights and flies on all problems without thinking. Between Johnny and English, you can see a fireball with a J and E on it, which is the abbreviation of his name. The fireball stands for explosion which he leaves behind him every time. Of course, does he treat the problems without thinking and he can handle it in his manner well. On the cover you can see a description to him: "He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing." Here can you see that he has no negative feelings. He goes to every problem with a positive vibe.  The background is white and his suit is black. Here could be believed in Ying Yang because in every nice-looking person is darkness hidden. This person is Pascal Sauvage, who wants to rule the world. When you see Johnny English, you will know that the film is a mixture of comedy and action.  

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Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. They think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you do dont. Auf Deutsch?

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Bessere Englische übersetzung?

Ich möchte diesen Satz/Sinn ins Englische übertragen:

"Wie bereits vorher erwähnt, verschlechterte sich die Beziehung zwischen ihnen, was sich in der Art und Weise wie sie mit einander sprachen, widerspiegelte."

Ich habe: "As already mentioned, their relationship is getting worse, which can be seen in the way they talk to each other"

Ich will aber dass es besser klingt, vor allem der Teil "...which can be seen in the way they talk to each other" gefällt mir nicht!

Kann ein native speaker oder jemand mit viel erfahrung mir weiterhelfen??? Vielen Dank!

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Perception is all that they can see was bedeutet das?

Kann das wer für mich übersetzten?

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Könnte jemand bitte meine Englisch Argumentation korrektur lesen?


In Britain, children and teenagers can be given an ASBO if they do anything that is an antisocial behavior. It’s a way of punishing them for their actions instead of going to prison or similar punishments. An ASBO consists of several punishments like being forbidden to go to different areas of a town or to meet specific people.

The problem with ASBO’s is that they can give the person depression because they are socially isolated. Consequently, this can lead to self harm or depression in the worst cases. Secondly, their actions aren’t primarily punished they are prevented so that the child/teen won’t do it anymore. Furthermore, the things that are reported aren’t necessarily illegal sometimes it’s just something that might be annoying to others, like tattoos. Having said that, this might just be a way of showing personality. Reportedly, it has happened that someone was just given an ASBO because he looked scary and was always wearing a hood. Another thing to add is that the pictures that are hung up around town can be really embarrassing and can lead to harassment by others. On the other hand, ASBOS also have advantages. Many teenagers have their problems with school, friends etc. This might lead to some illegal actions like drinking or smoking. In addition to that, there often is some kind of group pressure. ASBO’s are a way of showing them that their actions are wrong and that there is a solution to their problems. For instance, it’s a way of identifying that their actions have been wrong. Another key thing to remember is that ASBO’s can keep the children/teenagers from going to prison and that would be way worse.

All things considered, I think that ASBO’s can be good for the young people to change their antisocial behavior. That way, they can understand that their actions have been wrong and change them for good.

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deutsche Übersetzung gesucht - Gedicht von Robert Browning

deutsche Übersetzung - Robert Browning

Ich bin auf der Suche nach der Übersetzung des Gedichts "Now!" von Robert Browning. Wer weiß, wo ich fündig werde?

Ich benötige folgende Passage auf deutsch:

All of your life that has gone before, All to come after it, - so you ignore, So you make perfect the present.

Danke für Eure/Ihre Tipps!

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