Can anyone help me with the fraud of Tesch mediafinanz GmbH?

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do not pay the 190 Euro but search for advice at Verbraucherzentrale (consumer advice center). You can email them or call them:



the costs for an email advice are 25 Euro. 2 Euors per min for phone call. 

Or check what they wrote here (it's in german unfortunately, but maybe you can translate the website with google)They have a model letter there, which you can send to the company which is claiming the money (click on "Für Volljährige" as I suppose you are over 18?)

I wish you good luck!

Thank you so much! I will look into this..Hope it helps...


Your welcome! If you have any further questions you can ask me, maybe I can help. And if you want, let me know if it worked out! I think a lot of people have these problems with internet rip-offs


Exactly! many people have been caught into such internet frauds.

I read everything on the links you sent me, I'll first send the model letter, but do I have to send this letter to the collection debt agency or the fake company which wants me to pay for their fake contract? 

I am unable to find any email for the fake internet company. I can mail this letter to the debt collection agency though. Will this work? 

I will surely write all my experience here once I get myself sorted out. 

Thank you so much! I was panicking until you answered my question. 


You have to send the letter to this company. Do not email them but print the letter and send it via post

Here is what I found:

I think this is the post adress of this company?


Yeah this seems the address. But its in USA :O I'll post it still...Need to figure something out with Mediafinanz though :/ 


In USA? I think San Marino is in Italy, no ? It's an enclave and surrounded by Italy


I read it wrong! Italy it is... I just found their email in terms and conditions..I am emailing them to cancel my contract and on the other hand I'll send them the post with the model letter. 


Okay, do it like this!

And: Don't worry about the Mediafinanz. Just send the letter to the company. If you hear nothing anymore from them you are fine. 

If you get a decree from the court - what is unlikely I think, because it seems this works with dubious methods - than you have to get active again and enter an objection. 

But if nothing happens anymore, you are fine and you don't have to write Mediafinanz. 


Okay, I hope you feel a bit reassured! And in the letter, make sure to delete "Variante 2" (the last paragraph) as you have not payed yet (I just wanna make sure, because I don't know how good your german is)



Okay =) Just an addition (I just found this on the webpage of verbraucherzentrale): 

Instructions for using the sample letter

1. Copy the text into a word processor (MS WORD, OpenOffice, etc.)

2. Complete it with your sender details, the address of the company to which the sample letter

As well as with the other necessary information and delete the italic

Placeholders / Notes.

3. Send this letter by fax with the so-called qualified transmission report (the status report

Does not show a reduced view of the first fax page) or an acceptance letter to the company

The Consumer Center.

Status: January 2017 © Consumer Center


I think the only information which is new to you from these instructions is, that you should send the letter via "Einwurfeinschreiben". I think it's registered letter in english, Google translated it with "acceptance letter". 


Ist diese Empfehlung auf englisch richtig?


ich muss für die Schule eine fiktive Empfehlung für ein Au Pair schreiben. Dafür haben wir ein paar Stichpunkte über ihre Arbeit bekommen und mussten sie so in einer recommendation zusammenfassen. Könnt ihr mir bitte meine Fehler korrigieren? Danke!

To whom it may concern,


x has been working for my family since April 2016. She was a real enrichment for us and I am proud to call her my friend. Even though she was a little shy in the first few weeks (which I believe was mainly because she had to face the bareers of moving to another country and to a family who was very different from her own), she soon became a member of the family and my little boys became attached to her quite quickly. First, she actually struggled quite a lot with the boys and didn’t really know how to handle them (I admit, they can be really naughty!), but after some time she had found the perfect way of telling them off in a playful and friendly way. You could really tell that x actually enjoyed the time with my children – instead of just letting them play with each other or even putting them in front of he Telly, she got engaged and interested into the games the boys played.

She was always neat, tidy and organised which should be obvious but you can unfortunately not say that about every Au Pair. Although she had a boyfriend whom she saw on a lot of weekends (I let him stay over a few times – he is really lovely), she also got engaged into the family life and sometimes went with us to museums or the cinema.

I barely ever got to taste her food (simply because I only wanted her to do it for the children) but it always looked great – sometimes she even surprised the kids with some German dishes. The children loved her especially because she had promised them to never make mushrooms (which they absolutely hate). Unfortunately, we haven’t got a dishwasher but x never complained about washing up the dishes by herself.

The only negative thing or something that bothered me a bit about x was that in the beginning she sometimes stayed out past midnight. I never sleep very well so I often woke up and couldn’t really fall asleep again. After I had a few words with her about those habits, she always made sure  she would come home earlier.

In conclusion I can highly recommend x as an Au Pair. She didn’t really seem like she would see looking after my boys as a job but rather as a hobby or something she enjoyed a lot – which is as I believe the most important quality an Au Pair should have.


Yours sincerely,


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An die Englisch- Profis: Wann have to, must, got to, need to?

Hallo. Einige sind bestimmt schon genervt von meinen Fragen bezüglich der englischen Sprache xD aber, wenn ich Hilfe brauche, stelle ich sie eben hier. Da ich finde, dass man hier die besten Antworten bekommt. Auf meine Frage zurück: Need to, Have to, must, Got to bzw have got to = müssen/ muss Alle sind überzetzt: müssen/muss. Doch WANN benutzt man WELCHE Form davon? danke :) Hoffe ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen

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England austausch Bewerbung gut so?

Hello! My name is *** and I am thirteen years old. Together with my parents and my two years older brother, I live in a house with a big garden. We have got one little dog called ***. My hometown is ***. In my free time I often play football. Meeting friends like *** *** and surfing in the internet are also one of my favorite leisure activities. My favorite subjects are all languages. I am not so happy with subjects concerning to numbers like Maths and Physics. My family and my friends say about me that I am reliable, polite and I have a good behavior. Although I have travelled through many countries, I have never been in England before. For me the exchange would not only mean having fun but the possibility to make acquaintance with a new country and interesting people. I I would be very glad to take part at the exchange with ***(my school)

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Hab ich diesen Brief auf englisch richtig geschrieben?

Dear Mom and Dear Dad,

I went abseil with my class today. You know, that I am afraid of something like that, since I also have high altitude. Actually, I wanted to be sick for this day. But it didn't work, because the doctor had closed. Now I had to with. I had a queasy feeling.

When my class and I arrive at the mountain,our teacher introduced the team leader. He looked friendly. But I was scared and me got bad. Jake the team leader showed us how to tighten the (strap) harness to your body. The team leader checked our belts. Then he showed us how to fix the rope to the strap properly. He also checks this.

Then it was time. We all had to climb down one after the other. I stayed as only above. Jake said to me,that I now come down. I said to him that I do not want. Then have me myself but dared.

Suddenly it happened. I slipped and became bad. I got the panic. Jake reassured me so I could be saved. I'm glad to be back on the ground.

Your Tim

Danke schon mal

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Interpretieren von Whatsappnachricht?

Kann jemand mir bitte den Text interpretieren? Die Person die es versendet hat ist W26 und englisch nicht ihre Muttersprache. Ich hab mich über whatsapp über etwas lustig gemacht über sie und dass hat sie nicht gut aufgefasst.

"I have thought about you and me, until now, and i made up my mind. i cannot do this anymore. i tried to get used to your way to talk, but i cannot get used to it, your words and your yelling voice hurt so much. i am also afriad to ask you to be changed, cuz that must make us both exhausted and you might want me to do something for you. iam not offended anymore, but it was just the trigger. im not saying your opinion is wrong but i wanted you to choose your words better"

Also will Sie jetzt zu 100% schluss machen, oder hofft Sie doch auf Veränderung meiner Seite..Da der Satz bezüglich "i am also afraid to ask" mich nachdenklich macht, was sie wirklich damit meint

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Bitte Songtext in deutsch übersetzen?

Hier ist der Text:

Drown me in my daily cup of tea, Tell the porcupines to quit stabbing me, They make me fall, but i will stand 'Cause all of them are jerks with their cups in their hands. Now they want a whisper, a whisper from me, 'Cause all of them have watched me on their big screen tv's But what about little ol' , little ol' me, the one who got bullied, because of her teeth.

I hope you all are watching my middle finger rise, to the bullies in the school yard, I know i'm on your mind, now you say love me, but what about before, when i was just that silly little girl next door. oh oh ohhhohh

Ladies o' ladies, why are you so mad, is it cause im classy, and you're trash bag you teasing and laughing resonates through my heart and now youre calling me 'cause you want a fresh start

Now look at you boys you cant believe your eyes, you told me I was ugly and I took you by surprise, you should of been nicer cause look where I'm at, while you copy Mac Miller wearin' snap back hats.

I hope you all are watching my middle finger rise, to the bullies in the school yard I know im on your mind, now you say love me, but what about before, when i was just that silly little girl next door. oh oh ohhhohh

Why must you be so mean, talking trash about me...

All i wanted was a friend to laugh and cry and spend all of eternity or even just a week...

I hope you all are watching my middle finger rise, to the bullies in the school yard I know im on your mind, now you say love me, but what about before, when I was just that silly little girl next door. ohh...

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