Bullying story, Englisch Hausaufgaben, ok so?

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Toni was bullied at school. He had always heard a lot about bullying, but didn't think it would happen to him.The bullying started (Komma weg) when Tomi went to his new school. People started calling him names and teasing him for being a good student. Every time he answered a question correctly in class, everyone would start jeering and saying that he was too clever for them. After some time, he began to hate school.Toni never did (Eine Geschichte wird erzählt, daher simple past) anything against his teasers. He began to doubt himself. At some point, people started to beat him up too, and he began to skip school. He (has kommt weg) never told his parents about this problem and pretended to be sick. But luckily his parents noticed and asked him what was wrong. Toni told them and they talked to the headmaster of his school. They worked out ways to deal with the problem and after some time, the bullying stopped.

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