Brief an Gastfamilie für USA-Austausch - Korrektur?

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but I
always want things to work directly when I start them - so I'm sometimes
disappointed when something doesn't work directly but I dont give up . I am
curious and self-reliant.

I generally
like interacting with people but I also need time for my own when I am reading
a book or when I listen to music to relax. I am open for trying out new things
in the USA.

In school I
have economics and rights as main topic and I am very interested in it. I Maybe
I will study something in this direction. I also like history and sports in
general but I don’t like drawing.

I hope
after my exchange I will have been more self confident and will have experienced
more about other cultures and opinions. I would be very thankful to you when
you would give me the opportunity to live together with you! J I will do my best for integrate me
well in your family if you  chose me. J

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Oh cool öpper vor schwiiz! :) I finds guet wie de gschribe hesch, es lot sech guet lo läsä!

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Kommentar von IHJG99
19.03.2016, 22:10

Haha jää :) Danke hätti abr nid dänkt bi de letschte text isch immer voll viel korrigiert worde ^^


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