Brauche Hilfe in Englisch bei einer complaint?

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Kommentar von YannikLeon12
08.06.2016, 15:46

Writing a formal complaint

You work for  Der Verlag, Gaußstr. 223, 10589 Berlin.A delivery of recycled cardboard boxes from a Finnish supplier, FinBox,
Pakkasratti 173, Fl-04360 Tuusula, Finnland is overdue. You need the boxes urgently as you have to ship a big order of bools to Africa. Your boss hasasked you tp write a letter to FinBox asking about the delay and to fax it to
thrm straight away.

Use thedetails below to write your complaint to Mr Sami Virtanen,Head of Sales,FinBox.

  • today’sdate 6 June
  • order no. BV 3877, sent 18 May
  • delivery due within two weeks of date of order

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