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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. I think this quotation means that you don’t dodge something

kein neuer Satz But rather you learn to life with them. This is important to get somewhere and that your dreams come in fulfillment. You don’t
bother one’s head about small things or big things. You must try to make the best of these problems. So life isn’t easy but you must try to make the best of it. My childhood dream was to be a wizard. Here you can see the evidence. This is a collection of childhood dreams from our kinder garden group. At this time the boys wanted to be a policeman, a footballer or a fire fighter (Plural). They wanted to have a typical man job. However Komma the girls wanted to be a princess, a wizard or a doctor (Plural). At the most time, these dreams doesn’t come in fulfillment
kein Komma because (---) people discover new professions. Sometimes (---) parents extort their children and they want that the kids become the same profession. My favorite (= AE; BE = favourite) subject is math (= AE; BE = maths) and I love (---) to work with computer. So (stilistisch kein guter Satzanfang) I decide (Zeit) to work as an information scientist Punkt

Today you need a driving license to went (Zeit) to your workplace But I’m not sure whether I do (Zeit) my driving license kein Komma because Hier fehlt eine Präposition.
my (besser: Artikel) problem with my eyes Punkt

Still Komma I think that I can get this
kein Komma because I’m diligent, I have stamina and ambition Punkt

Now Komma I’m a student at Ulf Merbold Grammar School in class 9 (Word Order). So (s.o.) I have time to think about my future.

In 4 years Komma I’m going to pass my A-level exam and then I will study (= lernen) or I will start an apprenticeship. Maybe I will work a broad as an Au pair or whatever. When I'm an adult, so 25 to 30 years Komma I will start a family kein Komma because I have finished (Zeit) my education. In my life have been happened (Zeit) many bad things (Word Order), but I've tried to make the best of these problems. I become more confident day to day and I will master my life Punkt

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B.,

für die Grammatik und


Ein paar Korrekturen (nur kleine Auswahl!)....

..that you should not dodge / evade problems / challenges...

learn to live with

to make the most of.. ? Oder meinst Du: to cope with problems in the best possible way ?

.. somewhere and to make your dreams come true.

(fulfilment" übrigens im brit. Englisch mit EINEM l in der Mitte)

"So" am Anfang heißt nicht "so", sondern "deshalb" udn passt deshalb hier nicht. Lass' es einfach weg.

**kindergarten group ** Meinst Du "wizard" oder "magician"?

At that time...

.... boys wanted to be policemen, footballers...

typical ** male** jobs

and I love** to work with computers...** (ohne "it")

So I decided...

.. to become an IT specialist

to** go /get** to the workplace

whether I can get my .. license

usw usw.


I will go to university ("study" allein heißt nur "lernen".

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