Bootrec findet OS und 100 MB Partition ist noch vorhanden, wie nun System wieder zum laufen bringen?

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Ich habs herausgefunden, hier die Anleitung dazu:

On UEFI supported systems, you may try the following. Type the following two commands one after the other and hit Enter.

List volume

You now have to select the volume that is labeled ESP.
ESP or EFI System Partition is a partition on a hard disk or
solid-state drive which adheres to UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware
Interface. In my case it is Volume 2.

Select volume 2

Now we need to assign a letter to it. Lets select ‘z’.

Assign letter=z

Now exit diskpart by using the following command.


Next type the following command and hit Enter:

bcdboot C:\\windows /s z: /f UEFI

/f when used with the /s command, specifies the firmware type of the
target system partition, and the options are – BIOS, UEFI and ALL. We
used UEFI to generate boot files for UEFI supported systems.

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