BMW bei ungewöhnlich billig

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Handelt sich um eine Art des Vorschussbetrugs, ich empfhele den Wikipedia-Artikel dazu. Diese Inserate gibts zu Hauf im Internet und meist können die betroffenen Börsen nichts dagegen tun außer die Fake-Inserate zu löschen und Nutzer zu sperren. Tritt das enorm gehäuft auf, dann leiten die Börsen das auch an die entsprechenden Behörden weiter, also ruhig alle gefakten Inserate melden. Damit tut man jedem, der im Internet seriös Autos kaufen oder verkaufen will, einen Gefallen.

1000% FAKE!!! Totaler Quatsch!! Niemand verschenkt Geld!! Selbst ein Totalschaden wäre fast so teuer!


I sell the car because now i moved in London - United Kingdom and i need a national car here. The car is located in Manchester United Kingdom. The price is final and you don't need to pay any other taxes or debits for the car. I sell the car cheap for 2 reasons:

  • I need a british car here for work.
  • A client from here has to pay customs tax for registering the car here because it has German documents.

It has german documents, as you can see in the photos the car has german plates. It's the same thing as buying the car in Germany. All documents are OK, without debits or taxes to pay, registered in my name, engine, body and everything else is perfect. To close the deal we have 2 options:

  1. You can come here in Manchester by plane and take the car personally. I will meet in you in the airport terminal, we will make the documents at a local police station and after that you can drive the car back in your country. The car and the documents are ok, so you can drive the car safely back.
  2. We can use a Escrow company.In this case the transport and the registration of the car will be made with them. With the escrow company you can see and test the car before taking a decision. You have a 3 days inspection period for all this and a max. of 500 Km to drive the car in your country and decide. In the inspection period you can take the car at your trusted mechanic to inspect the engine and the bodywork. This is how it will be done with the escrow: -I will leave the car at the escrow company. -The company will inspect all the documents to assure that everything is in order and legal before delivering the car. -Before all the legal inspections are done, the company will contact you with all the details of the transaction and the steps that need to be followed in order to receive the car at home.

I had chosen the car that is safe for both of us. For your safety the money will not be transfered to me or to the shipping company, you will have to deposit the money as a safety deposit ( to someone from your family ), so you will be the only one who has access at the money until the car arrives to you for the 3 days inspection period. The deposit is made so the transport company can be 100% sure that you have the money cash to close the deal when the car arrives.

Also, if you decide not to buy the car after the 3 days inspection, you don't have to pay anything for the return of the car in Manchester. You will simply go and take back the money from the safety deposit. This way you are 100% safe with the money and you can't loose them. I will wait your details so i can forward them to the transport company. As soon as everything is done, they will contact you will all the instruction that you need to follow to finish the deal.

These are the informations that i need:

-Name: -Surname: -Full address: -Town: -Zip code: -Country: -Passport Number: -Phone number where we can reach you: ( Mobile phone )

As soon as i have the information i will take the car to the transport company to prepare the documents. Thank you!

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