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My name is Franziska Jaekel and my life began on the 18th of August 1991. I was born in Greifswald and lived were until we, that’s my parents and me, moved to Grimmen were we build a house. I had a very peaceful childhood. I love my parents from the bottom of my heart and I owe them much. The “ Friedrich- Willhelm Wander-Schule” wars me primary school. At the age of 11 I defect to the “Gymnasium Grimmen” and achieved my A levels in 2010.

In August 2010 Komma I went to Australia for 5 months. It´s was a very interesting time. Back to Germany Komma I started my studies at a university of Greifswald and want to be aimed to become the teacher of history and religion. On account of a hands-on training I changed my plan and wrote an application to the “Berufsfachschule Bandelin” to train as hier fehlt etwas kindergarten teacher. So I started my application


the 1st of September 2012.

My most favorite (=AE; BE = favourite) hobby is riding. I went to hier fehlt etwas horse barn

on every free minute kein Komma till my parents to granted to buy an own horse.

Today Komma I´m hier fehlt etwas owner of six horses and give riding lesson three times at week. My other hobbies are reading, laughing, talking and having fun. I love it to spend time with my boyfriend.

We have an dog and we really like it to take a walk with it. I really hope my life will be so great like my past. I want to marry my boyfriend and have two or three kids. Also I want to work as a kindergarten teacher with nice kids and colleagues. Time will tell if my dreams come true but I´m confident.

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B.,

für die Grammatik und

:-) AstridDerPu

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