Beste K/allgemein asiatische Dramen?

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Das ist eine Liste von asiatischen Filmen und Serien (darunter auch amerikanische Filme mit Jackie Chan):

the sorcerer of the white snake

painted skin


die Mumie


senpai to kanojo

47 ronin

forbidden kingdom 

kiss of the dragon

shanghai knights

highschool debut

lovely complex


100 days with mr arrogant 

my little bride 

he was cool


das geheimnis der braut (picture bride)

itazura na kiss

my rainy days

yubikoi kimi ni okuru

200 pounds beauty 

zwei an einem tag (one day)

mr pride and miss prejudice

dragon - love is a scary tale

love test

the forbidden love

the hidden love

love hunting 

the love

the imprisioned love


destiny of love 

young style

kung fu yoga

mood of the day

for love or money

you’re my sunshine ❤️

three weddings 

princess agents 


armour of god chinese zodiac 

the way we dance 

rush hour 1-3

bad genius 


police story

seoul searching 

one more time 

7 first kisses

suddenly 17 (17 again)

the stolen years


I need romance, 2012, 3

my only love song

nine: nine times travel 

it’s ok that’s love


the maid of the blind master, love at first sight 

the lover of a capricious painter

the enternal love (2)

the journey of flower

ten miles of peach blossoms

my name is khan

a love so beautiful 

nine seconds eternal time


good morning call 

lass dein glück nicht ziehen

Oh! My Emperor

Chinese zum mitnehmen

scarlet heart ryeo

we broke up

the precipice game


Lucid Dream

Secret (Taiwan)

Our Shining Days



The Legend of Fuyao

Spy Daddy

Meteor Garden

Accidentally In Love

Love O2O

Animal World

Secret In The Hot Spring

About Is Love 

Emperors and Me

A Korean Odyssey

Love @ Seventeen 

Ashes Of Love


Attention Love

Our Time

Just You

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