benutzt man to oder for?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

for und to sind nach important möglich, doch mit einem gewissen Unterschied in der Bedeutung.

Wenn du deutsch sagst:

  • " Es ist mir wichtig": > to me (= es bedeutet mir viel)

  • "Es ist wichtig für mich": > for me (es nützt mir; erfüllt einen Zweck)

"What's Important to Me", das 17. Album von Ben E. King (1991)

Werbung: "Your Call Is Important To Us"


"Are probiotics important for a healthy diet?"

"Good nutrition is important for growing bodies and minds"

Okay, dankeschön :)


Kommt drauf an, in welchem Zusammenhang, bei einer Sache würde ich for sagen. To hört sich komisch an

Kommt darauf an, wie der satz weitergeht.. beides kann richtig sein, hat aber ne unterschiedliche bedeutung…………

Was bedeutet "it's pleasure to meet you" und wann verwendet man das?

Wie und wann benutzt man es denn ich hab es mal gehört ich denke es ist ein höflicher Spruch deshalb will ich ihn lernen ;)

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Verständlich und gut?

Ich muss ne Präsentation in Englisch halten. Mein Thema ist der Brexit. Habe dazu jetzt mal einen Text auf Englisch verfasst. Kann bitte einer mit guten Englischkenntnissen ein Blick drauf werfen und ggf. verbessern bzw. mir Tipps geben?? Vielen Dank schon mal! ;)

**Great Britain was for a long time against the EU. Because the EU ist too much bureaucracy and too expensive for them. David Cameron promised the British, should they choose him, an election, whether Britain should remain a member of Europe or not. But leaving the EU is not immedatiely possible, about 2 years it will take because of the agreements the Britain still has with the EU. But it could be a second election, because lots of Britains was against the exit. GB was a reliable partner also for Germany, which is now missing. Germany now can be overruled.

Scotland would like to remain in the EU, most of the Scotts have voted to remain in the EU. Scotland wants to make a vote again for an independence. The Northern Irish could also get together with Ireland to stay in the EU. For this reason Great Britain might decay.

Economy will shrink. Duties must be paid. Criteria for British people as for example holidays. Rules of EU no longer apply for the British people. More than half of the imports and exports go from GB to other countries and come to GB from the EU. Germany is an important trading partner. Many companies keep distance from GB because they want not too much bureaucracy.

British pounds low for as 30 years no more. EU wants to continue the negotiations with GB so they stay in contact only under other conditions. EU Parliament want that the EU countries should serious netogiate wit GB, because they want not that other countries encouraged by GB and leave the EU too.

Taxpayers have to pay more. GB is one of the most important countries in the EU, because they pay a very high contribution to the EU. But soon GB will be out of the EU. And this means, in the future, Germany would have to pay up to 2.5 billion more to the EU. Therefore is no money to refurbish swimming baths or schools.

Traveling to GB is made more difficult because of the new assumptions. Footballers are affected by this because their contracts are adapted to EU standards. Erasmus**

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Kann jemand diesen Englisch Text korrigieren? :/ Rechtschreibung egal :)

I'd like to be a childcare assistant, because I love working with children. I'm a friendly and patient Person, and I like working in a team. I'm creative and I have a lots of ideas, because I think it's important to entertain the children. I understand Children and I'm a good listener and I have a nice turn of Phrase. I often do babysitting, for example I often look after my Cousins. They're four and six years old. I'm a reliable and energetic Person, and I'm funny. I'm punctual and flexible too, and that is important for the job as a childcare assistant. I would like to do this job, because it's exciting to watch somebody grow. I'd really like to do this job, because I think I would be good at it.

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Suche ein House Lied, Kann mir bitte jemand sagen wie es heißt:)?

Lyrics:You try to criticize me it's just for the funk you try to realise me it's just for the funk and if it's not for the funk it's for the soul

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Kann man "It's good to know anyway" sagen?

Es ist trotzdem gut zu wissen.

Möchte ich sagen.

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Was möchtest Du wissen?