Ausbildung in den texas anerkannt?

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Nein. Jeder US staat hat eigene Auflagen. Es ist weder in TX, noch in CO noch NV noch sonstwo in den USA anerkannt.

Moving to Texas soon and want to work as a Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistants who relocate to Texas who have made x-rays may work in Texas as a dental assistant; however, may not make x-rays in Texas until they hold the Texas RDA Certificate and display it where services are provided. 

Dental Assistants who have worked in another state who have never made x-rays may work in Texas as a dental assistant and may make x-rays for one year from beginning the first day they are hired under the direct supervision of a dentist.  To continue making x-rays after the first year of employment the dental assistant will need to register with the Dental Board before their first year of employment ends.

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