Argumente ob atheleten an schulen und Unis Vorteile haben sollten?

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  • Durch das intensive Training und die vielen Wettkämpfe+Fahrtzeit (für die Uni) hat der Sportler weniger Zeit zum Lernen
  • Da die Unis sich mit dem Erfolg der Sportler rühmen wollen, sollten sie diese zusätzliche Leistung entsprechend belohnen.


  • andere werden benachteiligt
  • Bei Schule oder Uni sollte Sport nur für das entsprechende Fach zählen und keine Entschuldigung für anderes sein. So muss jemand der an Forschungswettbewerben teilnimmt trotzdem die geforderte Leistung bringen und bekommt keine oder nur minimale Förderung im Vergleich zum Sport, dabei sollte die gleich hohe Förderung aller Studenten der verschiedenen Fachrichtungen von der Uni angestrebt werden. Jeder Abschluss und jede besondere Leistung sollte anerkannt werden, nicht nur die von Sportlern.

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Schreibe morgen eine Arbeit in English und hab mal nen Aufsatz geschrieben ich befürchte allerdings dass ich viele Grammatikfehler eingebaut hab und einige Rechtsschreibfehler.. könnte jemand etwas verbessern?

Living in a big city – it is good or bad? I think living in a big city has its pros but also cons. Opinions about big cities are different. I will explain what is good and bad and explain it to the examples of Berlin, Mumbai and Johannesburg.

First of all, big cities always offered us a lot of opportunities to reach higher education. There are many good Universities for you to choose, so you can study what you like. Berlin is among the largest and most diverse science regions in Europe. 4 Universities seven colleges, four art schools, 26 private universities and 60 research institutes teach, research, and study some 200,000 people from around the world. The universities in Berlin invest 1.5 billion euros per year. Second, in Mumbai there are the biggest film industry in the world, „Bollywood“. They made 900 film productions in a year, it would be more Film productions than in Hollywood. The Bollywood-movies are very entertaining with songs and dance. There are also a Bollywood King,This is the actor Shah Rukh Khan. Don´t think that Sharukh Khan is the only best actor in Bollywood , there are many many more good actors too. For example: Salman Khan, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan. Max Winter who lives in Germany was last year in Bollywood and he just said:,, Mh yes Bollywood is more better than hollywood it is more interesting and it was a nice experience for me. Bollywood films have been epics stories from Indian History and legend with colourful costumes. " The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg. There are so many interesting sights for example The Apartheid Museum, Lion Park and the Market Theatre. The Apartheid Museum documents the struggle for freedom during the darkest days of racial oppression in South Africa. The lion park in South Africa has seen many celebrities, especially over the duration of the world cup. Many tourists visited this attraction, including the singer Shakira. The Market Theatre has evolved into a cultural complex for theatre, music, dance and the arts.
On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of living in a big city. First , Cities are very crowded. Everywhere there are crowds: on the pavements and in the buses. What is more, the traffic is heavy and city's car parks are always very full. Sometimes it is very difficult to get from a given place to another. It may take hours! If you take a train into Mumbai today, you find out about the temperature of the human body as it presses against you from all sides.

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         Every school should demand school uniform

In some countries all over the world school children have to wear uniforms the color scheme and style varies from school to school. In other countries pupils can wear to school what ever clothes they choose. In those countries it could be difficult to introduce school uniforms, because they are not traditionally used to wearing one. In the following essay I want to discuss the advantages to introduce school uniforms world wide.

In my opinion school uniforms ind schools are positive but negative too because not every student have the same style and they cant decide which school uniforms they wanted to wear.

School uniforms are on the one side good because a lot of children are victims of bullying because some of theme haven’t enough money to buy expensive and nice clothes. In this case the school uniform is very practically and maybe a good problem-solving.

On the other side pupils cant find our style and have to wear clothes that they don’t wanted. School uniforms can be nice but not every day ,It quickly becomes boring .However, there are people around the world for which it is too expensive ,always to buy a school uniform. Children grow fast and because of that they have to buy an again and again. We must take into account that the school uniform is maybe expensive but the clothes that the kids need for school is not cheaper and they have to be buy again and again, too.

On the other hand if the pupils wear school uniforms there is not a difference between rich and poor.

I have come to the conclusion that school uniforms are not everywhere positive and children should be able to develop their own style. Cause the bully is not reduced by a school uniform.

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Bitte um Feedback zu meinem englischen Essay, wenn jemand gedanken hat kann er sie gerne anfügen (:

All immigrants should attend language classes in their new country

A Long time ago, Samuel Johnson was like, “Language is the dress of thought.” To speak a language is more than sharing cogitations with the world. Mainly the language gives us the possibility to meet new people, learn about their cultures and admire their country. In my view language is a particularly important part of immigration and a requirement for integration. So humans, immigrating in a new country should attend special language classes in order to learn the language. To begin with, Life is easier for everybody who is able to speak the language of their „new “homeland. People are unafraid of situations in which they must communicate with other persons, at shopping or at asking for something in this way. They are also able to help children by the homework. Furthermore, the probability to find a job is higher as without knowledge of a language. And a lot of immigrants came into the country for the simple reason that they want to find a good job. During the work, almost all immigrants must use sublimely language and it is rarely possibly to learn it alone. So it is extremely good that the government offer and pay language classes taught by professional teachers but nobody should be compelled. But above all, the possibility is given for immigrants knowing the language to inform oneself of happenings in the new hometown. They are able to read newspaper or watch the typical programs in the TV of produced by their new country. Finally it can be said that there seem to be mainly good reasons for attending language classes trough immigrants. The future shows us wheter the manner would be used und wheter a completely integration as a result would be happnd?

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